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    Digging Up a Pool

    by , 01-28-2020 at 07:28 AM (448 Views)
    Morning of January 28, 2020. Tuesday.

    Dream #: 19,398-03. Reading time: 1 min 6 sec.

    In emerging from slow-wave sleep near the middle of my sleep cycle, a dream sometimes starts with the association of something having been underground, a natural precursor to consciousness emergence. It is more likely to occur when the beginning of my sleep cycle has countless vivid images of sand or dirt flowing over and into various rocky formations of inexplicable beauty and realistic detail, nearly as appealing as water-related renderings (which have been at the beginning of every sleep cycle since earliest memory). Both types of induction sequences become more populated with sightings of cave entrances, which signify my anticipation of entering deeper sleep.

    My dream has a simplistic reinduction narrative. It seems to be nighttime, and about seven soldiers in military camouflage, who are passive to my presence, are here to do some digging. There is no waking process personification or a sense of intrusion here, as it is not near the end of my sleep cycle. Instead, the process focuses on reinduction by summoning water.

    Even so, a thread of emerging consciousness results in a defined association with the color yellow (rare in dreaming in this mode, occurring mainly in later dreams of my sleep cycle with a more defined waking directive). I look down into a hole in the ground and see a yellow pool pump with a black cord attached. I anticipate the soldiers and I will uncover a large swimming pool, though I neither contemplate how the swimming pool will eventually be at ground level nor the impossibility of such an outcome. I wander around the area with emerging thoughts of dream state reinduction, but my dream fades instead, without the presence of water.

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    1. Blue_Opossum's Avatar
      I added this to this site because of my reference to it in a later dream.