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    "Don't Look Out the Window"

    by , 11-13-1971 at 08:30 AM (343 Views)
    Night of November 13, 1971. Saturday.

    Yes, I know, stupid title. It was originally “Haunted House 2” and I think the first title (before copied over into another book) was “The House” (wow…such imagination I had…).

    The actress Jocelyn Lane appears as a child around my age, but in the first part of the dream there is a newspaper article that she has gone missing, possibly kidnapped. There is not much to this dream other than wandering around in a mostly featureless house, but it had a very vivid atmosphere and sharp awareness. It copies the “Tickle Me” (1965) scene, though it is me singing through the window (not Elvis) and she is not actually annoyed or scared at any point but hopeful of escaping the house since I am there with her. I do not see any supposed kidnappers at any point.

    It turns out that she was taken by a giant hairy white monster, the creature from “I Was a Slave of the Living Titan!” from Marvel’s “Monsters on the Prowl” number 11. What is a bit odd, though, is that the orientation does not make much sense when the monster’s face appears in the window. We are supposedly on the first floor of a building, yet the monster’s face appears directly in the window (as big as the area of the larger sash window) as if he is standing in a deep hole just outside (though this is not implied by the location). Eventually, the house is on fire, but we had already escaped by then. When going back to get something the girl said she lost, there is just bare ground.

    The large empty house that this dream supposedly took place at had already burned down in real life (I did have a precognitive dream of this). It was north (by about four or five implied lots) of my Cubitis home and on the other side of the two-lane highway. It was a very strange morning when that happened, watching the huge flames go into the sky while waiting for the school bus in the dark. I used to wait for the bus to go to school (usually with the S family - Lisa M went to a private school - SCA) during one period, just prior to dawn, which, now, seems quite intriguing to me, because in the region I live in now, it is already getting light at 4:30 and fairly bright out by 5:00.

    Just out of curiosity and marching on with my meticulous notes on the thousands of childhood dreams I had documented several times over (with the older copies on hand for accuracy), additional research revealed something I was not as aware of when younger in how comic books, television shows, and even movies (though I was aware of some “duplicate” movies which were only different in title and a few edited scenes) were released again in a slightly different form - I am somewhat amused by how often they did this. (See image.) It is funny, because dreams have a tendency to do this as well.

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