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    Dune Buggy

    by , 06-17-1972 at 12:17 PM (167 Views)
    Morning of June 17, 1972. Saturday.

    In my dream, which is fairly long but with no real plot, I am somehow in control of a dune buggy (or “dune buster”) that is a full-size version of the Sand Crab model I had gotten as a gift months before. I am mostly disembodied yet somehow still the “driver” of the vehicle, usually “flying” or floating to the left of the dune buggy from at least five feet away, sometimes more. It seems to be early afternoon for the most part. The setting does not seem to be a beach, but rather a large desert-like region (though still with the sense that the ocean may be around at some point even though I contemplate the Sahara Desert in the back of my mind). There are no people around at any point.

    A desert in this case, as associated with a beach, seems to represent the liminal state between sleeping and waking, that is, the ocean (of the unconscious) and the day to day waking reality. This “beach” is much larger than a typical beach. My dream did seem long and with many partial awakenings. Sand dunes have appeared in a number of my dreams and seem to represent the changes of the dream state itself, as well as sand also being associated with coalescence.

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