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    Empty Church

    by , 12-12-2014 at 08:55 PM (240 Views)
    Morning of December 12, 2014. Friday.

    I am in the process of having a sensual interlude with my wife when I am vaguely distracted by a shift in consciousness during an increase in actual rain (in reality) falling on the roof - it is a soothing sound. I am then in a large old empty church. This church (and a contemplation on why it is completely empty) is rather a surprise. There seems to be a vague female presence still (possibly the essence of my wife, but outside the room I am in) in the background. I think the (slightly smaller than life-sized) statue is of the Virgin Mary, though may also represent the generic statue of a tomb. Its location in the center of the room is not really logical. My dream is not very long, only about twenty seconds.

    I reflect on earlier similar dreams, including one of “The Thinker” when I was very young. This statue does not seem to “come to life” in any way, though, as The Thinker did. It is static and with no viable essence. My mind goes two ways on what this could mean. On the one hand, it could represent my wife entering into a new spiritual potential (even after all these years) as that is what statues have tended to represent in my dream universe.

    I could also ponder if the female presence was somehow M’s mother (who was Catholic) and the statue representing what is left of her life in the matter of M’s early death (in her being now less dynamic spiritually - though that is admittedly an assumption on my part). This is something that could never truly go away and which has resurfaced recently with regard to a new online entry concerning those days - also - he still appeared in a dream when I was nearly thirty. I always got the impression that M died at only thirteen because of his hatred of me (and because I did not want to fight that day - as I said in another entry, the calmer and friendlier I acted, the angrier he became), particularly what seemed like proof of precognition to him as the main basis for his anger and seeming fear - even though we had no actual relationship prior to that “last day”. Even more ironic was the fact that precognitive awareness (seemingly via Susan R) happened to me while mostly awake that night and which was verified the next Tuesday (“coincidentally” - I found out later - at the same time his funeral began). Of all the ways any of that could have gone, it all unfolded, in this case, exactly the way I “foresaw” it. However, once again, this can also be “explained” as some form of remote viewing (which I have validated for myself thousands of times, so it really does not pay to feign ignorance) rather than precognition - or more likely - the typical precognition and remote viewing hybrid that most dreams seem to carry at one level.

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