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    The Fake Apocalypse (with Josh Holloway)

    by , 08-17-2014 at 02:17 PM (264 Views)
    Morning of August 17, 2014. Sunday.

    I am in a seemingly unknown in-dream city that does not look like any region I have ever actually been in in my life, though it may have subtle aspects of Brisbane (Australia) and La Crosse (America). The mood is rather clear and the dream is quite long and seemingly purposeful in that tasks must be accomplished over time under my guidance and participation in a larger group. I am actually partly responsible for the survival of many people in the area. This is apparently because of the supposed apocalyptic events, including no more electricity and the infrastructure somehow vanishing or rendered no longer feasible (this being rather illogical from my perspective, as my family lived without electricity for some time when I was a young child, in the middle of a dense swamp).

    There does not seem to be any evidence of natural disaster - or disease or even conflict; just some sort of total lack of business activity and government presence, including police, and all known personages of any level of any previous authority - though their absence is not addressed or questioned. I and about five or six others are the ones to seek and bring back supplies to where the people that are still around have gathered. Curiously, Josh Holloway (the actor from “Lost” and “Intelligence”) is one of the in-dream team. (This is probably because “Intelligence” is one of the only newer television shows I have watched in recent years.) We are getting together food supplies (from various abandoned grocery stores and such) to bring back in a large semitrailer, even though there is not much fuel left (probably just enough for one longer trip back to where we had journeyed from).

    There is a longer period of time spent talking with Josh, who works under my command. He has an extraordinarily pessimistic attitude towards life in general and cannot seem to understand my positive focus on my survival skills and general ways of thinking. He does not even understand my happy outlook or the joy I have often experienced in life. Oddly, he even questions me on ideas about how to talk to people as if he had never communicated with anyone in his life before. This attitude may be partly based on our present and ongoing situation, but it seems as if that has always been his nature. We are packing cardboard boxes with mostly canned goods and boxed food items.

    For some reason, at one point, we are moving a refrigerator full of food down from what seems like an upper walkway from a dam control room (again, unsure of the region or location). There does not seem to be much logic to this act, as the pulley gets jammed for a short time and I think it would make more sense to put the food in different containers than to move the entire clumsy heavy refrigerator, but it is one of our last tasks before we return to feed the people and sustain them for a time.

    We are then ready to return to the group of people to have the food stored in their chosen locations. I am driving the semi for a time, but things start to change before I begin. I notice loud music being played from a house (in the direction behind us) that was presumed to be empty, just as we are leaving. This seems unusual in that there is not supposed to be any electricity (though it does not come to mind that it could be a battery-operated portable stereo - though it does seem a bit too loud for that possibility anyway). Mostly, other members of the team look back only briefly and we just ignore it and focus on the job of getting back to the others. We do not actually see anyone else around at first.

    Eventually though, and surprisingly, there are suddenly police all around (even though police supposedly no longer existed), and a lot of other people just appearing in the streets “out of nowhere”, some of them politicians. It turns out that this was some kind of “experiment” or government project (similar to fake prostitute setups and other fake setups created by the authorities as if there was not enough real crime to act against) to see what people would do in a survival situation (or after the disappearance of government) - and apparently it was “wrong” for us to get food and other supplies from abandoned stores to help other people survive - a few people are being marched to a prison, apparently, just for taking discarded food items from the back of a store, from a dumpster. Instead of driving a semi at this point, I then seem to be on a large adult tricycle made of cheap plastic, but still determined to get the trailer of supplies back to the people, as many of them have not eaten for a time. A siren is going the whole time from here (this was actually caused by my youngest son playing a computer game in the kitchen - though the siren sound is somewhat different in-dream).

    A police officer in some sort of odd-looking helmet and pastel fake-looking “riot gear” keeps telling me to pull over but I ignore him and much of what he is saying sounds like gibberish, so I very loudly keep saying that I do not understand him and just keep driving, or rather peddling. The other people are still with me (in the semitrailer) and it is my intent to get back to my group - because really, it still seems like a survival situation - in some ways, even more now. Even though he stands in front of the vehicle a few times, I just keep going and he eventually moves to safety each time, but continuing to shout gibberish, some of the phrases fairly long.

    There is a very clear and focused awareness that this is really the end of society (or at least the present system of authority) because of what the government has done, so thus the public will eventually act upon this fiasco. I inform a few people during our trip back that, because of this trick that the government has played, there really will be an apocalypse now within a few days, where it will be much the same as when they were pretending with their “experiment”. Realistically though, I doubt this would ever happen no matter what is done to the public by any source.

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