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    Female Robotic Suit (with Barbara Bain)

    by , 08-22-2014 at 02:22 PM (195 Views)
    Morning of August 22, 2014. Friday.

    In my dream, my family and I are living in La Crosse in the Loomis Street house. Over time, there is annoying noise from our neighbor’s house to the north.

    Living in that house is an unfamiliar black male of about fifty and his two young sons. While the man is in his house, Zsuzsanna tells the boys to stop bouncing a larger ball on our house, which is mostly upon the outer north wall near where the bathroom would be in reality. I later go out and tell them it is okay to play, because I notice they are in their backyard and I do not want them to perceive me as mean. (The distance between the houses is wider in my dream, as in real life, there was barely enough space to walk between the houses.) This dream features a recurring false setup of the Loomis Street fence being chain-link instead of wood.

    I later falsely remember that Zsuzsanna’s “other husband” (though without a marriage relationship) is living with us. He is an average-looking Caucasian Australian man of about forty, slightly balding. I aggressively command him to leave, yet at the same time feel I am being somewhat mean, though I also wonder why I had allowed this situation to exist in the first place.

    Later, Zsuzsanna seems to be a young version of Barbara Bain. She appears to be an android at first but is not, as she is apparently wearing a robotic suit. The “other husband” and I try to remove some of the exoskeleton while in the living room, apparently to replace a medication that otherwise circulates within the shell of the suit, as she supposedly wears the exoskeleton to keep her healthy and strong and to filter the air. I become unsure of the situation. The suit seems to go haywire and we have to dismantle it on the couch, becoming annoyed, as Barbara teleports to the roof of the neighbor’s house to the south, and stands there gazing back at this house. I remain unsure of the situation, as she seems to still be wearing a robotic suit, though the one I and the other male are left with seemingly needs to be completely dismantled into small pieces, several pieces looking like larger hypodermic needles as my dream loses cohesion. There seems to be “part of her” left in the suit that we dismantle, though this part may be Juliet Landau, though as my dream ends, there is not much remaining.

    Much of this dream’s content was caused by a subliminal attempt to resolve the source of the real-life noise next door, where they had been rebuilding parts of the house. The absence of a viable connection to the unconscious mind and conscious self identity while sleeping (and in a non-lucid dream) resulted in minimal threads of my current conscious self identity (such as the recall of being married, though not with recall of living in Australia) being ambiguously mixed with a place I have not lived in years, as is typically the case.

    Barbara Bain was confused with Zsuzsanna by my dream self because of both having the same birthdays of September 13, though there is much more. Barbara’s daughter Juliet Landau has a surname very similar to mine. Additionally, September 13 was the date in the opening of “Space 1999”, which I often watched in my youth. Juliet also starred in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, which Zsuzsanna and I watched often. Barbara’s character in “Space 1999” is Helena, which is Zsuzsanna’s mother’s name.

    The robotic suit and teleportation, in addition to being associated with the typical vestibular system correlation as the main factor of being in the dream state, also has the factor of trying to “escape” from the environmental noise while sleeping. I am more so perceiving my desire for Zsuzsanna to be away from the noise, and to be protected from it, though ultimately, it is not possible.

    It is typical for fences to be different in dreams than real life, sometimes missing, sometimes being where they are not in reality, and in this case, a chain-link fence (that provides much more visibility in my dream’s setting) instead of a more solid wooden one (which allows hardly any visibilty from a distance in reality). The chain-link fence was there to fit into the fictitious nature of my dream for dream scenario convenience.

    I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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