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    Ferret Resurrection

    by , 04-07-1984 at 10:38 AM (208 Views)
    Morning of April 7, 1984. Saturday.

    A female classmate and neighbor (and validated precognitive wife-to-be “stand-in” or resolved personal archetype) who is slightly younger than me, Brenda W, is trying to resurrect her dead pet ferret by placing various old silver coins, including foreign coins, in the ground near trees (including between extensions of roots). It actually seems to work and she is happy. I see her near a shopfront late at night and she acknowledges me happily. This is set possibly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin even though I knew her to only live in Florida. No one else seems to be around in most scenes except perhaps in the background. The storefront seems to be easterly of my dream-self’s perspective. As a somewhat vaguely implied back story scene, a local preacher (possibly Connell of Florida) talks about the Resurrection of Jesus, which Brenda is supposed to widely promote in a special “travel brochure”(?) which also relates to some sort of ambiguous business that loosely reminds me of the lemonade-stand-like psychiatrist booth run by Lucy in the “Peanuts” comic strip. Something goes wrong with the machine (which seems to be in or near a grocery store checkout) and instead of printing “The Resurrection of Jesus”, it prints “The Erection of Sausages” which Brenda laughs at hysterically.

    Update June 20, 2015: After all this time, I see it is likely a play on “hot dog stand” regarding the primary school Adam and Eve gag. (”Eve, in being the first vendor, made Adam’s Hot Dog Stand”.) As much meticulous dream journalism as I had done continuously since early childhood, some fairly obvious layers, explanations (hidden meanings), and metaphorical plays did not become clearer until years later, even after studying the content numerous times.

    In an old recurring childhood theme I have written much on even as a young child (and in fact even atypically acted out with friends at school who unfortunately changed the theme into being zombie-related, albeit creatively), in the first (prototype) dream, “The Dead One”, Brenda W seemed to have been resurrected into a normal life again, but ran from me in the city streets and remained unapproachable. There was also the “Wild Weasel” dream - but which was seemingly resolved to be a Tasmanian devil in the final versions. I believe there is a connection to my general unexplained path concerning the “mystery girl”. This dream seems to be some sort of offbeat comedic composite of both childhood dreams. The ferret likely represents the maturing male stage in this case (with a possible link to the emerging cicada nymph concept regarding my marriage, as my wife collected cicada shells as a child and made miniature cemeteries complete with miniature wooden crosses, not knowing yet that they were only exoskeletons - also impersonally related to “seven-year-itch” and “seven-year-locust”, including the business cycle meaning - terms I have only heard and do not “get” at all - but then, most of mainstream humanity and their beliefs make no sense to me). It is not quite anniversary precognition, as it is off by a couple days concerning my marriage ten years later (though apparently there was a version on the ninth, though not as clear).

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