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    A Fictitious Actress, Spectra Lee

    by , 06-28-2018 at 07:07 AM (92 Views)
    Morning of June 28, 2018. Thursday.

    One very curious factor of my dreams has been the effortless creation of interesting fictitious names. These names are most often female and sometimes implied to be that of a celebrity. Usually, this fictitious character is either a part of a vivid lucid experience or is a part of a specific type of non-lucid dreaming that is unlike other dream types and features the presence of a broadcast of the essence of watching television, though me being passively present in the broadcast setting at times (typically with a sense of ambiguity or of being incorporeal). In this case, it seemed to be an unlikely blend of television and Internet in its design as an unrealistic composite.

    I am looking at information about a popular 1960s actress whose name was supposedly Spectra Lee. It appears on one part of the webpage as “Spectra.Lee” as the title of her website and related contact information. She appears in a number of 1960s photographs, some black and white. She is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses in most of them.

    I suspect it is a play on “spectrally”, as I have been doing more sound engineering lately, though it could also apply to the nature of dreams and liminal space. However, after waking, I had a brief association with Elektra, the female Marvel Comics character (and of course Stan Lee).

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