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    Fleet of Ecstasy

    by , 01-10-2015 at 11:09 AM (324 Views)
    Morning of January 10, 2015. Saturday.

    I do not normally include this common dream type online (at least yet) as, really, it is impossible to give justice to in writing; plus, being mostly imagery-based (for the most part) with no actual plot (and with far too many unique scenes to faithfully document online), it is not as “useful” or relative to more complex word associations or nebulous intrigue - it is more like passively indulging in pure overwhelming fantasy. Still, it is a very good example of what I do not usually post (again, yet); that being a standard vivid fully lucid dream (sometimes of which I have about a dozen or so per night since early childhood, though often “collections” of many more shorter mostly unrelated ones). It is somewhat puzzling, though. As with another recent ecstatic dream (“Return to the Green”) it somehow seems linked to the Tetris effect, yet also, seems to have been “triggered” by one completely unrelated image. That is only my guess, though.

    At one point later on (after my dream starts to “swirl” and transform to more mundane visual nuances and non-glowing colors as it ends), I hear a seemingly “meaningful” phrase which is actually typical in-dream absurd gibberish where words are changed around with an emphasis on similar phonemes. It turns out to be “Ban the head and hedge the wedge!”

    My dream begins to form with extraordinarily beautiful black and orange fiery clouds in what may be the early evening sky, implying perhaps a volcanic eruption in the distance, though this is uncertain as it may just be a wondrous sunset (or sunrise?). In the back of my mind I am thinking it may be about Krakatoa. For a short time, I focus on moving the sun around in the sky to change what time it is, but that is not fully instigated or dominant. I see the beautiful semi-lit ocean before me. I seem to be on the shore of an isolated island with a white sand beach, but for the most part, remain disembodied.

    I mostly remain in a typical vivid lucid dream state where I just watch my dream and contemplate materializing my physical form into it depending on what I see. The three-dimensional depth perception is greatly enhanced as is the “glowing from the inside” effect of most of the characters and environmental features.

    An old skiff (with about half the paint flaked off) approaches the island (with incredibly accurate and clear detail, even in the wonderful motions and variations in the water), with one younger girl in loose white rags jumping out from near the front of it and trying to pull it closer to the beach (rope over shoulder) through the beautiful shallow (about knee-high) turquoise water. There are about six other females aboard, some more pirate-like than others. I absentmindedly attempt to step into my dream causing an odd vertical water-like ripple effect in front of me whereby the girl looks confused, then backs up, jumps back in the skiff, and then the skiff floats back out about five feet from shore. She looks in my direction curiously as if I am only half visible. I decide to become fully invisible by phasing back out of the scene. The scene repeats. She jumps out and splashes back into the beautiful turquoise water, pulls the skiff with an old rope over her left shoulder again (holding it with both hands) and remains on the periphery of the shore looking around. Meanwhile, I am still contemplating moving the sun across the sky, still somewhat admiring the intense fiery black and orange expanse of clouds that sit on the horizon. I also notice about six pirate ships in various locations. It is possible, at one point, that the black and orange clouds are caused by a burning ship, but this is not certain. The ships I do see are not involved in any conflict.

    Eventually I realize that there are hundreds of solely younger females everywhere on the ships in various modes of dress, but mostly no later than the 1880s. Rather than exploring the island a bit more inland, I soon mostly float disembodied over the ships. I decide to just watch everything rather than entering in my physical form. I do not want to disrupt such incredible imagery. The girls mostly just stand around in various areas of the ships (including one on each step of a staircase) and there is no sign of actual piracy of any kind. In the back of my mind, I contemplate approach or direct contact of certain ones, such as one in a white dress (which slowly billows out and sways a bit) near the outer deck, but do not. There is a slight breeze. These ships seem to be “in waiting” for something but I am not focused on that concept very much. I mostly remain on the outside of the ships, floating at about three to four feet up in most instances. It goes on for at least fifteen minutes during which time I become aware that my breathing is quite deep and long.

    There is a rather unusual distorted (but still very vivid) feature. One ship (more specifically just above the deck of it) has a tendency to “warp” into what seems like an elongated covered timber-truss bridge, warping slightly to the left in the distance in a somewhat tunnel-like effect over the ocean yet into infinity. I do not enter at any time; I just watch it curiously. It is not quite ominous, just a bit out-of-place with the rest of the imagery. This may be an ambiguous variation of the “eternity bridge”, a fairly common feature in my dreams since childhood.

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