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    Flight from Muddy Ground

    by , 06-19-2018 at 08:20 AM (123 Views)
    Morning of June 19, 2019. Tuesday.

    I do not usually post generic bathroom wake-up call dreams unless they have unique factors. This one does, as vestibular system correlation seamlessly integrates into it in the last stage of the waking process, which is atypical.

    I become aware of my need to use a bathroom when I am in public. I enter an unfamiliar public bathroom and notice it is not clean or maintained very well. There are six open toilet stalls, three facing three on opposite sides of the room. One unknown man is sitting on the toilet near the corner. I consider using the one third to the right in the same row, but I decide not to, as the seat is not very clean. I walk around contemplating what I should do as a few other unknown males come and go.

    As I am standing just inside the entrance doorway, an unfamiliar short-haired boy of about twelve walks in, looks at the condition of the bathroom, and starts talking to me. I perceive him as a Communist from Eastern Europe who is probably in the region temporarily. He starts making comments about ecology and land features in the region (though I do not know where the setting is implied to be and I do not have a viable memory of my conscious self identity). I walk out with him, deciding that I will have to go home to use the bathroom.

    I continue on my own and step off the sidewalk onto muddy ground. I see that I am barefoot. I am carrying my shoes, but when I put them on the ground to put my feet into them, they become very muddy, so I decide not to wear them. My feet sinking into the ground a few inches annoys me. Two unknown young males of about twenty are watching me from the sidewalk. I take a few more steps and the ground remains soft and muddy. I do not really feel like trudging through this.

    Finally, I decide to fly home. I lift my arms and rise into the air effortlessly. I start flying toward another building in the distance, about twenty feet above the ground. There are a number of people walking around below. I start to consider how strange it is for so many other people not to fly to their destination, as it is more comfortable and easier than walking.

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