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    Flintstones Underwater

    by , 03-23-2014 at 09:23 AM (82 Views)
    Night of March 23, 2014. Sunday.

    This was a recurring nightly dream from several days from this date; quite vivid, and which gave me a rather unusual sense of “childlike security” and comfort for some reason. It involved the cartoon series “The Flintstones” but it was mostly just an alteration of the opening scenes (the scenes involving Fred’s car only); quite redundant, but with subtle continuous variations - by them being underwater (seemingly at or near the bottom of the ocean) and having a sort of “bubbly” audio. Sometimes the car seems to float upwards a bit, and the “yabadabadoo” sounds rather amusing underwater and bubbles flow out from Fred’s mouth. (The real-life theme song also sounds muffled, but clear enough to understand the words.) Of course, it does not make any sense in any way, but seems almost emotionally fulfilling in some ways, regardless of how ludicrous the implications are. It also seems three-dimensional rather than flat as if I am a present but passive part of the “real” environment.

    This is a form of water induction and water mainly symbolizes sleep in a dream (and sleep dynamics based on the nature of the water). There is the added association that one beginning of “The Flintstones” showed them going to a movie theater and waiting for the movie to begin, which validates the nature of this sustained induction (as watching a movie can be analogous to passively watching one’s dream as I am here).

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