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    folding my legs into my back

    by , 11-22-2014 at 05:22 PM (160 Views)
    Night of November 22, 2014. Saturday.

    Dream #: 17,505-02. Reading time: 44 sec.

    In my dream, I am in bed in the position I am in as I sleep (though my head is in the opposite direction). I am on my stomach. I slept this way sometimes when I was young but not much as an adult.

    After a short time, I realize I have four legs. My second set of legs are slightly elevated, one on each side of me. My back opens up, and my two extra legs move perfectly and simultaneously as if with a robotic function (though there is a vague association with insects). They move up and down into a recess in my back as if for storage. It is a vivid and smooth event with similar nuances as another dream of over twenty years ago when telescopes suddenly extended from my eyes.

    My dreamís causal factor stems from a lack of distinct physicality during REM sleep as well as the subliminal but distorted perception of muscular tension and relaxation. It is by way of the same process that causes the hypnopompic kick (most often when on my back) but with different dynamics.

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