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    Fueled by Terror

    by , 11-21-1976 at 12:04 PM (239 Views)
    Night of November 20/Morning of November 21, 1976. Sunday.

    If you are easily disturbed, this is probably a good entry to give a miss. It is one of only a few of the more vivid nightmares I have had in my life - and probably relates to the physical changes during adolescence. (For example, dreams like “Silver Manta” and the first childhood “Haunted House” dream did not seem like an actual nightmare at all regardless of the scenario and emotions involved, but as inspiring adventures which I still have fond memories of.)

    A large spaceship lands in my front yard at Cubitis, near the end of the driveway and a few feet from the highway. I do not actually see any aliens in the dream at any point, though. Actually, the ship seems more like some sort of “factory”, with a maze-like assembly-line (except that it is “dis-assembly”, so to speak.) that goes all about the internal perimeter of the squarish “flying saucer”.

    What is vividly implied and shown from several angles (including from the side and from above) is with a first scene of a girl being carried (while lying on her side) down a conveyor belt (which is dotted sparsely with human blood and a few small scraps of clothes) within the spaceship. I am not sure who she is or where she came from. It reminds me of a miniature “car wash” to some extent (the part where she falls next may be vaguely related to the opening of “Land of the Lost”). She moves through a yellowish orange ribbon curtain into what looks like a chamber with an implied shallow well and there are robotic arms and such that seem to hurt her. Eventually I am aware she has been turned into “fuel” for the spacecraft, the body being shredded as through a high-tech food processor of sorts.

    This happens with several people, mostly adults. Actually, I am not sure how I am seeing this. It is as if I am there in my “orb” form, but also in my bed at the same time (though not fully lucid, only partially questioning the events). The dream seems to reset several times during the night and very early morning. I am on the belt at some points, trying to work out why my bed is moving, but I usually will myself back to where I had been and never go through any “terror” from my own perspective.

    As with most dreams throughout my life, even this dream had a layer of long-term precognition (which was actually the reason I started documenting dreams in the first place to try to work out the layers and “rules” if any, as it was so common). Several years later, I worked in a factory in Wisconsin and for the first time, was close in real life to very similar conveyor belts and (identical to the dream) vinyl (or vinyl-like) ribbon curtains at the end of a chemical wash for the metal parts. Around this same date years later, I took the place of a man (whose job was to simply place the metal sheets on a wooden shelf for a pallet as they came out on the belt) who had cut himself very badly on the hand (supposedly losing a finger from what one worker said though I am not one hundred percent sure now) and the blood (and a couple pieces of his white work glove) was still on the conveyor. I guess they did not want to lose any production time (relative to parts for Ford Taurus cars).

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