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    The Girl in Black

    by , 04-09-1979 at 05:13 PM (191 Views)
    Morning of April 9, 1969. Wednesday.

    This is one of many recurring vivid and more defined dream types that “introduced” me to my soulmate long before it dawned on me that the majority of my dreams (the ones that were not immediately precognitive or remote-viewing composites or of certain other types and layers) were related intricately to my distant future. Although certain facets were established even before my wife-to-be was born, this was one of the clearest at this time. I suppose some would think it strange to dream of someone all their life, eventually discover that the person and all prior in-dream nuances and parallels were real, then actually “live the dream”. I have never cared what other people think of this reality of mine, especially as I have only seen deceit and distraction and “cop-out” mentality regarding the unexplained.

    This dream scene always took place in one of two areas of the West Elementary School playground. One area was near the north edge of the playground, about the middle section, and just west of the large banyan tree. The other area was more near the south end of the playground, just north of the seesaws.

    Other than I, the only other in-dream character was a mysterious dark-haired gypsy girl (seemingly of about seventeen to eighteen or so, no older than twenty) of an olive complexion who spoke with a very unusual accent, which was mixed ethnic (Romani) Hungarian and Australian - something I had never even actually heard in real life. Although she wore black she sometimes also wore pink. Her name was usually Susannah or sometimes Savannah (although that may be a perceived distortion). Later, I came to learn of the Hathor patterns and her actual maiden name and various seeming “codes” throughout history, one set related to the Vaudois, where at least one non-native ancestor was linked to.

    These dreams were different in that it often felt as if I was going to sleep within my dream itself (a rather odd awareness). I would be lying on the ground (as a child) and she would be stroking my hair and intoning “sleep…sleep”. She would usually be seated and facing west, my head (to the east) in her lap. She would “confide” in me and say that it would be a long time but that I would eventually live with her (she even said how she was only a baby at the time - which proved to be literal). Of course, I had different associations because I was not sure what this could mean, mostly due to her somewhat motherly nature at times (though she was not like my actual mother). I had been aware of this “mystery girl” before and her first presence was as the large green “animated” eyes only - the earlier Rose Street dreams (which I wrote of in older entries on one site). Also, a classmate and friend, Brenda W, became part of a composite archetype that also represented her in numerous dreams and parallel associations.

    The birthplace of this “mystery girl” (Port Kembla) was also directly inverted to my birthplace across the ocean in America. Event after event and “coincidence” after “coincidence”; even though I was aware of certain patterns, I was not aware of the more extreme Pascal-Triangle-like layers until after 1991.

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