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    Girl Living in “Giant” Birdhouse

    by , 09-29-2010 at 03:29 PM (138 Views)
    Morning of September 29, 2010. Wednesday.

    It seems I may be in La Crosse living with my wife and children but I am not sure as it may be somewhere in Australia. Seemingly to the east of a road we are walking on northward is a “giant” birdhouse. By that, I mean it is on some sort of cylindrical platform and higher up from the ground (though really only about the distance up of some of the houses I have seen here with longer stumps, implying enough room to walk underneath if there was enough open space otherwise) as well as looking much like a typical birdhouse, but a bit fancier in some areas. The doorway (and there does not seem to be a closeable door, which causes a thought about security or potential intruders) is even circular and much like that of a birdhouse and one needs to climb a seemingly unstable ladder to get up and inside it.

    An unknown young girl (perhaps a relative of my wife’s) lives there though we do not see her much. I believe there is a need to visit her but we cannot quite work out how to get in. This is similar in mood and theme to another dream where we lived in a house where the front door had to be reached by climbing a narrow ladder (though this concept is sparsely recurring). I think there was something about her giving my wife jewelry or something but the details are rather odd and distorted with several “resets”.

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