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    Google cut-out newspaper?

    by , 07-31-2014 at 06:59 PM (234 Views)
    Morning of July 31, 2014. Thursday.

    In my dream, I am searching the Google newspaper archive as I had in reality recently and am looking for my birth notice, although at one level, I seem somewhat disembodied (as is fairly common in similar dreams of more of a focus on two-dimensional elements). I look in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune issue from December 20, 1960 (even knowing that it is likely in a newspaper of a day or more later). When I find where it supposedly should be, I see only a black space instead around the upper middle of the page. Oddly, this is supposedly because my mother had cut it out from the newspaper at that time and kept it at the older address in Florida, though I apparently no longer still have it. Logically, this would also indicate that Google staff had scanned the same newspaper that my mother had in 1960, but I do not question any of this extreme unlikelihood in my dream. At one point, there is an athlete portrayed in various stages on a few different pages as trying to jump over all the amorphous features and “random blobs” of each page.

    For the most part, though, I am contemplating the irony of the in-dream concept of actually having the newspaper in the past, the clipping being lost, and the scanned newspaper then being online with the missing notice. Worthy of a few giggles in conscious afterthought, I think.

    In reality, this scenario is far more problematic. The particular newspaper from the December 20th archive link actually has randomly mixed pages from at least the 19th to the 21st and most of the pages had been scanned in sideways (as well as most of the newspapers in general having scrambled or missing writing and such or big white spidery “splatters” in the middle of a paragraph rendering much content unreadable). Thus, in some ways, my dream made far more sense than how people actually are in their general absentmindedness and overall lack of attention or care.

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