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    Haircut Mysteries

    by , 10-29-2017 at 08:17 AM (183 Views)
    Morning of October 29, 2017. Sunday.

    I am in an unknown room that is about twice the size of our lounge room. It seems to be a public area, but only at certain times, resulting in ambiguity in also being our implied home. As a result, there are no associations with unknown people who are present at times as being intruders as in many other dreams. Also, everyone else in my dream remains cheerful except for the baby in the last scene.

    There is a story in the background, unrelated to the main scenario, that relates to someone traveling by motorcycle. There is a video about it but I do not fully focus on it. There is also a point at which one of my dark-haired female teachers (implied only) from elementary school appears, though this character is actually unknown and unfamiliar.

    I decide to get a haircut because I notice a few strands that are longer than they should be. I had just gotten a haircut in this place, but another one will be given. There is no association with money or paying for the service. I watch, apparently in a mirror, as long clusters from my otherwise short hair are combed out and cut, mostly from the back. The detail is very realistic.

    After this, I look at my hair and hairstyle. I decide to comb my hair to the other side from how it was cut and styled. This makes it look slightly wrong, so I decide to get a third haircut.

    A little later, I discover I have a short Mohawk and I have no hair at all on either side of it. I cannot work out what happened. I consider that I must have fallen asleep and that they had probably given me anesthesia without me realizing it (or even giving permission). I have no memory of any hair being cut this short or of a razor shaving my head on each side. (Even though questioning if I had fallen asleep is one of the most obvious dream state indicators possible, I do not question my present status of possibly being asleep and dreaming. As a haircut symbolizes the real-time dynamics of neural energy in REM sleep, having been “asleep” in my dream validates now having only a small amount of hair down the middle of the top of my head.) I am somewhat angry and self-conscious about this haircut but not that outwardly emotional or vocal about it. The unknown male who had apparently done this says it is the best haircut I could have for my face and that I look good. I consider this and decide that it might be okay to go out in public like this, as some men have no hair at all. I note how smooth the hairless areas of my head are, so it was a very good job on their part, as there were no accidental cuts either.

    Only a short time later, I discover that my hair is as it was before I got the first haircut (though it is now longer than it is in real life). I am puzzled, yet I do not realize that this could only happen in a dream (and it symbolizes my emergent consciousness being more viable at this point, though the preconscious is never directly dominant or aggressive in this situation, though this was not my last dream of the day). I am trying to mentally resolve how they could have done this, but it does not seem possible (and I do not converse with them about this). On one level, I am glad my hair is as it was, but the mystery remains.

    Meanwhile, there is an offset scenario where a baby seems to be having difficulty in remaining on stacks of books in a plastic storage box. He drops down into a couple rows of lower stacks on his left a few times (as the older boys place him back on the highest stacks each time) and cries about bumping down onto the books. Our youngest son and a few other boys are looking at the baby who I see in profile with his head oriented to the right of the scene. I make a comment to them about being careful with him, though he does not seem to be hurt.

    Despite this being a perfect opportunity to become lucid, I do not. It almost seems like a subliminal experiment to test myself, as a haircut symbolizes associations with the level of neural energies in the dream state in real time (with no RAS activation, only a slight shift in levels of consciousness). The baby on the books in the storage box is a metaphor for critical thinking skills not being extant in the dream state. In fact, this is direct parallel symbolism analogous to my failure to realize my dream state by way of the impossible hair changes and real time neural energy dynamics and their level and length (length of time for emergent consciousness viability as a play on length of hair). (Dropping down onto a lower stack of books relates to decreasing dynamics of conscious self identity in the dream state despite this being near the end of my dream, though again, not the last dream of the sleeping period or with sustained wakefulness afterwards, which clarifies and validates this dual symbolism.)

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