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    Hanging from the Sky on a Newspaper "Tornado"

    by , 09-23-2018 at 03:23 PM (211 Views)
    Morning of September 23, 2018. Sunday.

    Dream #: 18,906-05. Optimized 1 min 30 sec read.

    With metacognitive dreaming, I navigate my vestibular phasing response with imaginary kinesthesia. It has been my predominant form of metacognitive dream state navigation since early childhood. I direct my somatosensory phasing upward, from feet to head to uplifted hands, and request (and anticipate) storm conditions for wind.

    I am a boy in my dream. The setting is the front of the Cubitis house, close to the carport. Jim (older half-brother on my mother's side, deceased) appears as he was in the early 1970s. He has a large book of information about a secret society to which he belongs. I read a paragraph about the requirements for mountain climbers and explorers. (This part is influenced by watching "Exploring With Josh" videos on YouTube before sleep.)

    It seems to be morning, but the many gray clouds I called for are overhead. I tie two bedsheets together, tearing parts into strips, and throw the "rope" into the air. Jim tries it, but the other end curves downward, and the makeshift rope falls back down. I hold onto one end of the "rope," and I rise into the sky, about ten feet from the ground, the bedsheet "rope" mostly remaining vertical. (This was influenced by watching "Tau" from 2018 two days ago when Julia made a cloth rope to manipulate devices outside of where she and the other two were, though the orientation was horizontal, not vertical. It also implies I am seeking the thinking skills that only my conscious mind has, which is validated by the dream segment after this one.)

    Eventually, I find a newspaper and roll a two-page spread into a cone. It becomes unrealistically long and pulls me into the sky, higher than the bedsheet did. The scene repeats, but I add more two-page newspaper spreads. Jim seems puzzled as to how I am doing this. My parents (both deceased) come out during the last minutes. (I lack recall of any of their deaths.)

    I hang onto the newspaper "rope" and enjoy the intense vivid feeling of movement and flight as I remain in a vertical position. The wind blows me about north and south above the front yard. The other end remains airborne and stable in its height even though it does not connect to anything.

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