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    Helicopter and Seagulls

    by , 12-25-2014 at 06:25 PM (57 Views)
    Morning of December 25, 2014. Thursday.

    I am on a helicopter seemingly in early evening, though before sunset, with unfamiliar people (including the pilot), apparently all adult males of around thirty (though I have no focus on my own age). We are flying over the ocean. I notice several girls swimming in the ocean far below. Without paying much attention to my present circumstances, a young girl is soon seen hanging in the doorway of the helicopter, to my right but only half inside, somehow having come from the ocean far below, apparently by flying. Her facial expression is cheerfully mischievous though friendly. At this point, I notice there is no pilot (of whom had originally been on my right), yet I feel only mild concern. However, two seagulls ahead, one on each side, somehow seem to be guiding the helicopter back to land by their presence alone. I assume the girl is a shape shifter whose natural form is a seagull.

    Water Induction - Vestibular System Personification, female (subliminal summoning of young version of Zsuzsanna) - Parallel Autosymbolism; RFWS (Return Flight Waking Symbolism) with WEWS (Water Emergence Waking Symbolism) - RAS truncation (pilot vanishing) - Vestibular System Mediation (soft waking) - Emergent Consciousness Factor as flight symbol - right-sided waking symbolism while sleeping on my left side.

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