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    Hilarious Conveyor Belt Lucidity Fail

    by , 08-04-2018 at 02:04 PM (53 Views)
    Morning of August 4, 2018. Saturday.

    Dream #: 18,856-02. Reading tim: 1 min 40 sec.

    I am watching television with Zsuzsanna. It may be our present address on W Street, though the focus is mainly only on the imagery on the television screen, which at times seems very close and three-dimensional, though not as if I am at the locations as in other dreams.

    It is a reality show about conveyor belts in different locations. The whole show mostly features items and people moving on conveyor belts.

    A baby is lying on a moving conveyor belt at one point. They are moving from right to left in all the scenes.

    At one point, the sawed-in-half woman from “Beetlejuice” (from 1988) is on the conveyor belt, except that it is Winona Ryder in the role. Her upper half is smoking a cigarette. Although the scene is strange, my dream self perceives it as “real.”

    As threads of my conscious self identity become more viable in the waking process, I see two doll-sized men sitting on the conveyor belt. That seems wrong to me, as I know that all the previous scenes were “real.” I am considering telling Zsuzsanna that this is a fake event. I can see two unfamiliar normal-sized people in the background, with the miniature men in the foreground.

    As I think of talking about the fake part of the show, which seems to be the last segment of the episode, one of the tiny men relates that it is a test, implying effects and camera operation. (I had first thought it was an attempt to fool the audience.)

    My dream self perceived the living sawed-in-half woman as real, without question (even though the movie reference itself is erroneous as Winona Ryder was in a different role), yet when the small men appeared after this, I knew it was special effects. That is often how the reactive representation of the waking process works, as I move closer to full consciousness and viable thinking skills. The same transition exists in thousands of previous dreams. It has nothing to do with “interpretation” (an idea shared by people who do not understand what the dream state is) but is a factor of the waking process itself, which anyone of reasonable intelligence would understand. It is similar to associations with liminal space where the waking process renders itself as features such as a jigsaw puzzle, detective, or an attempt to read something for cognitive arousal. It is in contrast to when RAS modulation uses conflict or unrealistic events to create the distinction and emotional reaction that triggers waking.

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