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    Houdans and a Rooster’s Intent to be an Astronaut

    by , 05-20-2015 at 11:20 AM (366 Views)
    Morning of May 20, 2015. Wednesday.

    I am wandering about in different dream settings in less-defined unfamiliar areas though most of the scenes involve Mottled Houdans. (I have not worked near this kind of chicken in real life since on our exotic chicken farm in Florida when I was about sixteen.) In my dream, they have special attributes; even human-like in some cases. At one point, I touch some smaller Houdans at a (unknown and unfamiliar) chicken farm as they are strutting about in a larger area of the building (which has a dirt floor) and they seem almost like friendly cats in their behavior. For some reason, it dawns on me that they are “more like people” than any other animal (which of course is absurd).

    At one point, I seem to be involved in the sales department for Murray McMurray Hatchery in another unfamiliar region, and there is a sort of confrontation with an actor whose name I cannot remember presently, along with about three other unknown males. (He reminds me vaguely of Mason Adams as from “Lou Grant”.) He asks me about another worker at the hatchery, claiming that he never got change back from any of his purchases and asks me if I knew the worker had been cheating him like this over a longer time period. I absentmindedly nod in agreement which causes the other male to think I knew he was cheating him though which is not the case. “I feel really stupid,” I say, and then explain to him that I did not know that that worker was keeping the change each time and only nodded out of absentminded agreement with whatever he was saying at first.

    In another scene, I am near a group of Houdan hens. Even though they cannot see because of the feathers over their eyes, they seem to have some sort of sensitivity to be aware of other people and animals supposedly because of higher levels of sentience. I am somewhat surprised at their “skill” to be aware as such, seemingly even more than other animals that can see well.

    Later, I am in Cubitis at my father’s chicken shed and checking on all the Houdans (even though we had many other breeds including very unusual experimental hybrids). At one point, in a more public area, I encounter a Houdan rooster that is as tall as I am. I “shake hands” with him (by clasping his wingtip) and the Houdan almost seems human (though does not speak, though there is a vague level of mental communication and mutual understanding). In fact, he seems to have the goal of becoming an astronaut and is eventually wearing a NASA space helmet. His “wife” dances with him for a time and they are somewhat intimate; their “public boldness” of which embarrasses me slightly. However, the rooster soon seems puzzled over why he cannot “kiss” his hen with the space helmet on and kind of just clunks against her beak a couple times at first. There are several unknown people in the area and I start to mingle with the crowd to give the Houdans some privacy. (I do get the feeling that I had been watching our two normal-sized Houdan pets from the late 1970s; Fonzie and Pinky.)

    This dream had scenes of chickens “kissing”, something I do not recall dreaming of before. In fact, the rooster in this particular dream (Fonzie) seemed to represent an aspect of myself, as it was as tall as me and was bordering on an event of lucidity.

    One of the photographs that a sister (on my father’s side) had sent shortly after this dream (with no way of me knowing she would send photographs - as we have not had that much communication throughout much of my life) has me holding a chicken (not a Houdan, though black and white) with its beak against my nose.

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