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    In-House Train

    by , 12-07-2017 at 11:59 AM (75 Views)
    Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

    I am seemingly at our present address, though it is distorted. There are two main parts to my dream.

    One part involves Jim (August 1, 1947-June 10, 2008, half-brother on my motherís side). He is sitting next to me on a bench, to my left. A doctor is also present. My dream self is unaware that he had died. However, the doctor is talking about Jimís overweight physicality. (This was more relevant to the 1980s, before he lost a lot of weight.) There seem to be other people present at times. There is some sort of surreal concept relating to individual internal body parts relating to being fat and which one is affected first, with some sort of odd association with stencils. Jim does not speak but the doctor does, touching Jimís shoulders and arms at times.

    This eventually shifts into a different dream scenario. It relates to also being at our present address. However, there is apparently a train, designed like a subway train, which seemingly goes north to south near where our bed is in reality. I stand in the semidarkness looking at this setup, though I do not consider it strange or intrusive.

    Two men who work for this subway system, formally dressed, though reminding me also of movie ushers based on their uniforms, are performing an unusual task while moving out from and back into the different train cars. They are working from north to south, putting some sort of small metal hanging objects over the door handles. Some of the hanging objects are different but some resemble a smaller detached handle of some kind, though each reminds me vaguely of a broken handcuff (though not seen as such by my dream self). However, I realize that they relate to some sort of signifying of a particular subway carís status, possibly relating to how many passengers are allowed in the next journey or which cars can be used in what way.

    Next, there is a pointless and contradictory conversation where I tell them that one of the handles does not need the marker as such (as there is already one on the adjacent handle of the same set of doors), even though I am not certain of the purpose of their job. They say that it does not matter how many of the objects are used but then soon contradict themselves by implying that there is only a limited number of these objects and that all must go where they should. I do not say anything or even fully notice this contradiction for a few seconds, then I wake in realization that their comments made no sense.

    Decoding template follows:

    • Dream type and explanation: Doorway waking symbolism; with emergent consciousness triggered by illogical contradiction (liminal space cessation trigger), as intelligence is not typically extant in the dream state.
    • RAS symbol to dream exit point: Our sleeping area was replaced by a train, symbolizing the return to waking life and oriented north to south as how we rise from bed in reality (that is, our feet are oriented south).
    • Preconscious factor: The subway workers as ambiguously associated with movie ushers (as a movie theater symbolizes detachment from the real world; that is, symbolizes the dream state itself).
    • Additionally, the otherwise unknown act seems associated with setting up rope barriers (as in a movie theater) yet without the rope, and yet also implying ďreleaseĒ from the dream state (broken handcuffs on door handles, a door representing a dreamís exit point).
    • The first part of my dream relates to a desire to remain healthy, though I am not obese (as Jim was throughout the 1980s).

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