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    Hovering Around in Leonard’s Room on King Street

    by , 09-12-2016 at 03:12 PM (17 Views)
    Morning of September 12, 2016. Monday.

    The most obvious dream sign in a dream is being in a bed (which is not typically a “dream symbol” at all - it is usually just a subliminal memory of having gone to sleep, just as being undressed in public is) and such is the case here. However, it is not my real bed at some points even though the orientation falsely feels exactly the same. I find myself sleeping in Leonard’s bed in the King Street boarding house; a location I have not been to in over twenty years.

    Leonard’s room is arranged so that there are three beds; two to the east wall and one from the west wall somewhat in the middle on that side. Although Leonard (born August 1945) is only present briefly, there are also two malcontent disaffected college students sharing his room. They are probably only around twenty years of age. The bed I had been sleeping in is in the northeast area of his room (head to the east windows), where a bed had not only never been in reality, but had appeared as such in previous dreams, which causes me to yet again question why dreams “get everything wrong” so consistently like this in regards to layout, locations, and settings in general (even combining settings from two different countries), more especially as my dream self never takes notice of such an overt “mistake” that seems almost intentional as a type of tertiary dream sign which has been a facet of the majority of my dreams since earliest memory.

    I seem to be ostracized (by the two other males) for sleeping in Leonard’s bed due to the fact that I am not an actual tenant who pays rent at this boarding house at this time. I do not really care. Even though I am not lucid, I decide to get out of bed, allow myself to float up to the ceiling and hover there, facing downwards while very slowly turning about much like a large ceiling fan that is coming to a stop until my head faces east. The sensation and momentum feels perfect and very harmonious. Still, they do not seem amused, continuing to only glare up at me (which I find somewhat amusing), but they do not say much. I contemplate the idea of sleeping up here from now on while hovering downwards as such in the center of the room near the ceiling, slowly turning like a ceiling fan as if in an environment without gravity.

    Of the tens of thousands of dreams I have documented and closely studied (including with comparing and contrasting similar dreams), there seem to be three types of dream lucidity (not including scripted lucid dreams of which there is no point in posting online) that are nothing at all like typical lucid and semi-lucid dreams (which otherwise come into full control by spoken phrases, or including lately, the written word), and in fact, are so different from “ordinary” dreams as to be “something else”, especially apex lucidity, where full automatic control is manifest for as long as desired (or until the dream colorfully breaks up from needing to wake relative to the biological need to wake).

    Instinctual dreaming seems to be the most common type of dream for me since earliest memory (and is similar in clarity and mood to a typical non-lucid dream); that is, shaping at least part of my dream with background expectations (which is how some people create nightmares for themselves by focusing on and amplifying their own fearful expectations, without understanding that it is their conscious mind creating this, not the unconscious - which of course has no sentience or awareness) without at all having any level of actual lucidity or questioning my status or perspective in any way regardless of any wrongness or otherwise surreal nature of the setting or events. Two, pretense-based dreams, where whatever I say to another dream character or imply in a dream changes it perfectly based on my pretense even though there is no facet of lucidity at all. For example, I will say that I have valid identification to enter a secret military base (even though I “know” I do not) and it will simply manifest in my dream as such. Three, apex lucidity, something I cannot begin to understand due to its state being so utterly different than other dreams. Fully in-body, perfect clarity and sense of physical weight and momentum, solidity and incredibly realistic ambiance, and full ongoing “automatic” control based on any conscious desire (though conscious expectation is the dominating factor in most dreams anyway). The state is different from scripted lucid dreams (which often end after the last scripted event with the falling jolt waking mechanism as is to be expected) in that no practiced meditative sequence seems required and whole consciousness (though somehow shifted into liminal space) takes over completely (and the perception remaining at this level potentially indefinitely), with all the senses augmented.

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