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    Hovering Stagecoach Driver

    by , 03-02-2015 at 09:02 AM (242 Views)
    Night of March 2, 2015. Monday.

    An unknown dark-haired young girl is somehow driving a stagecoach. At times, it seems to be around sunset. I am not certain if I am actually “in” the old west or if it is a strange attempted reenactment of a western scene for a movie or a club. I float, seemingly disembodied, on the right side of the vehicle. The girl somehow remains hovering above the front part of the stagecoach. This is not to imply a strong wind or great speed as it sort of suggests, but a simple ability or occurrence of casually floating in the air (apparently under her own control for the most part) remaining in the same general area relative to the coach and somehow controlling the horses as well. There are no mishaps and no drama. In fact, the girl seems to be mildly amused or at least cheerful about her endeavor. At times, she seems to be a silhouette inside the stagecoach, but this is ambiguous as she is continuously the driver.

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