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    Impact (Visually Precognitive)

    by , 03-24-2015 at 02:30 PM (254 Views)
    Morning of March 24, 2015. Tuesday.

    As I have mentioned in the past, I do not always include the details of how the majority of my dreams since earliest childhood have (sometimes impersonal or trivial) visually precognitive layers that are too precise to be by chance. This time though, I am including the relevant notes, because even I thought that it would be ridiculous that a “miniature apartment building” (of the same size orientation as my dream) would be erected near our home - in reality, after a huge amount of digging right near the outer wall of our home ensued. In fact, there was no clue that this would be happening; no letters, visits, or calls; no warnings about this project whatsoever - and is now considered by us as the most thoughtless act we have ever endured from people, though at least we did not have to leave our home from old asbestos being broken up in our own yard with no warning (with the associated health risk) as with certain other families.

    This dream has a very similar fictional setup and focus as other recent dreams though this one is proven to be related to overlooking an actual miniature city (or model) - unlike my other dreams where it seemed a “real” city was oddly or partially rendered in-dream (so as to only appear somewhat model-like from the extremely high building I was in). However, the overall feeling of being very high in Earth’s atmosphere is very vivid and seemingly real at first. Eventually, though, again, it turns out that I am in a high building but the cityscape below is some sort of expansive model as far as I can see in two directions from my (fictional) corner apartment. I become aware of this because I see several boys running around some time after looking at the view and thus it is proven to be a model. It seems to be fairly late at night.

    The boys do not seem mischievous. I note with interest that the buildings and streets are very realistic for a model in some ways (primarily the layout and overall design) though they lack more intricate detail and color variations. One boy is about the same height as a model four-storey apartment building. Most of the model’s layout includes parking lots and smaller industrial buildings. I am still in the highest building in the region, it seems, though possibly only on the third floor at this later point. I do not question why a model city would encompass so much of an otherwise normal neighborhood or at least the one normal building I am living in. I am aware that other people live here as well. (Of course this “miniature city” correctly foreshadowed the NBN network. Small craters also appeared everywhere in the neigborhood which had to be filled later on and NBN workers shouted near our house for weeks, as early as five in the morning. People could not communicate by telephone for over a day.)

    Later on, it seems to be during the day. There are two bright points of light in the sky, one nearly directly above the other but by a fair distance (around forty-five degrees and seventy degrees inclination). Assuming the directional orientation is the same as our present real house on the corner, the lights are in the northwest area of the sky. One is seemingly a planet (Mars or Venus assumed) but the other (the higher one) is some sort of meteor. Even though it is a meteor, it is understood to be a regularly occurring event similar to the appearance of a comet. For quite some time, I think about its potential of approaching and hitting Earth. I even hear a boy ask his mother, “Will the meteor hurt the earth’s body?” At one point, I have a disconcerting idea that the meteor will eventually hit my building, even my apartment, though this is based on the ridiculous (though seemingly clear) in-dream assumption that I can tell what direction it is moving even though it is still only a small point of light in the sky. (Of course, in reality, meteors do not remain in one part of the sky as such as in my dream.)

    Eventually, the meteor does hit, though it is in the distance, directly north. There is a huge explosive impact; soil and debris being cast out in a wide arc. I hear a rumbling and an extraordinarily loud whistling wind (of a lower pitch), the nature of the impact (including the sounds) seeming quite vivid and realistic at this point. I am aware that this will eliminate all life on Earth though I do not feel that fearful for some reason. However, at this point, my dream quickly grows duller in awareness. For some reason my “last act” is to say goodbye to my wife’s younger half-sister in a sarcastic manner (with a slight awareness that her mother is there as well). At this point, the rendering is crude and highly distorted and ambiguous. Somehow she lives in the room in my sister’s house (on the first floor) that I used to reside in before coming to Australia over twenty years ago (she has never been to America). At the same time, I am still inside the fictional tall apartment building I had been in at the beginning of my dream (and on the third floor), but yet with an implication that I am also outside at ground level at the same time - a distorted trilocation event (which is not all that uncommon in my dreams).

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