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    Invasion of the Alien Molluscs

    by , 03-15-1980 at 03:44 PM (275 Views)
    Morning of March 15, 1980. Saturday.

    My original dream record was entitled “Invasion of the Blue Doughnuts”, but I am not sure if this new title is that much better…

    This was a very long dream with many scenes, like an actual “epic” by description, which are not as common as other types, I think.

    My dream begins in my sister’s backyard very late at night. Several other people, mostly neighbors and local passersby, are in the alley. We end up watching strange, small, blue torus-like forms “raining” slowly from the dark sky. It seems beautiful at first. They seem just the right size to wear as a ring. However, they eventually seem to be some sort of dangerous alien life form, like a sort of doughnut-shaped worm or strange “finger-eating” mollusc - and coming from an asteroid orbiting close to Earth. They are able to “eat” people, apparently with their mouth being the inner region of the torus, I think, but they attack in large “swarms” or “flocks”. They are all over the ground eventually. I am never directly in danger, but it is an eerie event. People spend time meeting at storefront areas and talk about what should be done. The government does not seem that active at all in what should be done.

    Other creatures, which seem like some sort of tiny yellowish ants (so tiny as to be almost microscopic), are able to rapidly eat a person (from the feet up only, it seems - or at least in an upwards direction), so that it looks like the person is quickly sinking into the ground. This is rather disturbing to many of the residents who are planning to leave town.

    Later, I am walking through a strange area where more creatures have taken over. There are very large snails, about the size of a cat. They seem to have almost human-like “faces”, but clown-like and rather goofy-looking. There are also odd crab-like creatures with “human eyes”. I do not feel that threatened or unsafe at this point, which is verified by my needing to resist the urge to laugh out loud and attract a different creature that may be in the area. There are puddles of water everywhere as if it had rained recently.

    After a lot of different random adventures and narrow escapes, it seems the human race is “doomed”. I am at a campsite with a few friends, one of them possibly Tina L and another Toby T (and possibly Steve J). In the distance, along the horizon, is a series of huge, red, and slowly moving (or “crawling” like a slug) “monoliths”, creating a sort of echoing rumbling “moan”, which are actually a massive life-form about the size of a skyscraper and which are some kind of enormous mollusc. The sun is setting and they move over the distant landscape like a uniform series of slowly moving upright reddish dominoes…their number seeming almost endless. In the back of my mind, it vaguely creates the association or essence of a slowly moving assembly line in a factory. These are how our “last days” will be spent, but there a still a sense of peace somehow.

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