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    The John Belushi Dream

    by , 03-05-1982 at 09:05 AM (211 Views)
    Morning of March 5, 1982. Friday.

    Dream #: 5,555-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 65.

    In my dream, I enter an unfamiliar building, seemingly in the region where I live in real life. It seems like a shopping mall in La Crosse, Wisconsin at first. Later, it seems I am attending a party in a hotel or ballroom. I feel somewhat out of place. (I am not a drinker in real life.)

    The only person I recognize is John Belushi, the American comedian. He approaches me and starts talking about his “death.” He says something like, “This is how it is when you die. You dream for a little while, then your characteristics shift, and everything you are on the outside dissipates and you move on to other places.” These are not the exact words, but close.

    As he talks, my dream becomes more vivid but remains uneventful. John is wearing a dark suit that changes slightly at times, from a shimmery material to a bit duller and back. He also seems to be drinking a pinkish drink from a small cocktail glass.

    I become aware that most of the people at the party are either “dying” or are other living people having the “same” dream. A couple of times, John walks away to talk to someone else, but they mostly ignore him, so he ends up walking back to me and talking more. I start to think that maybe it is not actually me he is talking to, but someone who is somehow standing where I am and whom he sees as someone else, perhaps an actual friend of his - or maybe I am a “layer” in someone else, perhaps a layer of a typical dream persona composite.

    After leaving the building, when I am later walking down the street about a block away, I look back and notice a big white bat above the building, flying in a circle. The building now looks like a foreign mausoleum, though also somewhat like a miniature cathedral. The motions of the bat remind me slightly of stop-motion animation in old movies such as “Jason and the Argonauts” (a recurring dream distortion since childhood). I vaguely perceive that the white bat only represents death in this dream because I had read about it in a so-called dream dictionary, and otherwise do not believe in “dream interpretation.”

    I revised this entry on Tuesday, 16 October 2018, using my new readability software. Many people would call this dream precognitive, but the evidence seems to indicate it was telepathic, as John Belushi’s death occurred about the same time as my dream. I was not a fan and had not seen all his movies. Does this mean that John Belushi was intentionally “sending” to me? I doubt it. He would not have known me or where I lived or anything about me. Threads of the interconsciousness made their way to me, but as to how and why, this is ultimately unanswered at this time. When modern humanity develops some semblance of intelligence instead of perpetual denial, perhaps such mysteries will be explained, even measured.

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