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    Leaving the lands of lucidity - and a “devil” battle

    by , 02-23-2014 at 02:14 PM (385 Views)
    Morning of February 23, 2014. Sunday.

    This was a very long and vivid dream which became “too lucid” at one point. I will mostly summarize the main scenes.

    One primary part in the first section unfolding was based on some sort of knowledge about the moon changing position in a rapid, shifted path. I am outside with a relative, I believe my brother-in-law. Eventually, the event begins to unfold, but there does not seem to be a potential of Earth being severely altered or destroyed as was the original concept. The full moon is moving from right to left, horizontally, the path about sixty degrees inclination from our view, and leaving equally bright afterimages of its previous positions, an eventual total of about six closely clustered afterimages of the same general appearance as the moon. This does not continue in theme in any way.

    Later, I am in a room watching at least three people (one of them - the clearest - is Colm Meaney, another Hilary Swank, the other Alexander Siddig) hanging various pictures on the wall which are old-fashioned in some ways and modern in others (of an average of about six by eight inches). They are probably about eighty percent Art Deco. They seem a bit too close together on the wall to be an eye-pleasing arrangement as a group - a total of at least seven framed pictures, the frames nearly touching in a couple cases, and two rows in horizontal lines, the right bottom area “empty” if the array is considered as four by two. A couple of times, I create an additional framed picture of my own, hovering in the air before me, and without touching it at all, I quickly float it to the wall (with some sort of “magical” motions of my hands) to hang it near the others, in the lower right corner each time. There is a vague notion that I will alarm the others with my “magic”, but it passes without any major concern or even notable surprise. Minor criticism follows from the others in regard to my input as well as their own setup (such as Colm saying “Well, I think…” and Hilary saying “But I don’t think…” and Alexander saying “Well, I don’t really think…”), going on about the images and their location and orientation to each other (in an artistic sense), and so on, but there is no drama or eventful interaction or communication.

    There are a lot of scenes without incident that relate to the “enchanted forest” from the old Harvey comic books. I would say that the dream’s orientation is mostly to the east as is often the case. The “devil” becomes a character, though “he” is only a more creative version of “Grandpa Blaze” from the Hot Stuff comic books and not an overall threat. (He is referred to as “Uncle Blaze” by a couple characters.) However, there is some sort of conflict involving him and mostly human-sized fairies, anthropomorphic animals, and some other minor characters.

    I am eventually with some other “magical” characters and seated, facing east. It is like a larger version of the curb at North Monroe, yet with features of the shed (in its complete form) at Cubitis farther back to the west. Soon, some sort of large butterfly, but with wings “full of holes/"with cut-out areas” moves about near us. After a time, it is more like a sheet of paper that has been cut into a complex pattern similar to those I did many years ago - not the paper snowflake ones, but where the fold was different and the result being mostly rectangular with one part being totem-pole-like in silhouette. The pattern is somewhat like that of a doily at times but with more squarish symmetry than center-focused (or by radial symmetry). I catch and hold onto it as others watch. Soon, however, it transforms into a “sheet” of fire. I let it go just as the fire expands with a sort of explosive continuity and it flutters a bit and eventually transforms into Grandpa Blaze (the thinner version). He is soon apparently defeated (or ousted) by forest animals.

    Later on, I am in an elevated area somewhat like an isolated larger portico (with Greek features) looking down over valleys and villages, though some buildings are higher up near cliffs and mountain ridge areas. I become extremely lucid and almost overly focused but am eventually concerned about my being “locked” within the dream location even though the area is beautiful, even heavenly. I start focusing on my breathing a bit too much, which actually makes the dream more and more vivid and “solid”. I keep saying, “wow, look at that” regarding the scenery. My voice becomes so loud and clear, I begin to have concern that I am actually shouting in real life and probably being annoying in that case. Instead of, say, jumping from the cliff and flying around or interacting with other characters, I am annoyed for some reason and concerned about my real sleeping body’s physical orientation (a fairly common event). The clarity is a bit too extreme to be just a dream, it seems, and is not a representation of anything I had projected into in any session to my memory (I am amazed by the level of detail in fictional not-seen-before scenery that the mind so commonly produces - the type that shows no sign of otherwise being a composite).

    Eventually, I start throwing myself around like an idiot to shake myself out of the dream as I sense it is getting later (late morning on Sunday) and I already had an extremely long erotic adventure earlier in the night in a previous dream. It takes several attempts to “deny” the “reality” of the scenery. I do not normally deliberately do this (especially in a non-threatening dream), but, due to a combination of having the first cold in several years (with a slightly swollen throat which altered my breathing in the dream) and it being later in the morning (along with a false concern of needing to go to the store which closes early - but my wife had already gone), I guess that was partially why.

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