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    by , 03-27-2015 at 08:51 PM (146 Views)
    Morning of March 27, 2015. Friday.

    The first part of my dream is mostly incoherent and is an abstract hodgepodge involving the slide in my old elementary school’s playground (though facing the opposite direction as it did in reality - east instead of west - something dreams do often), something related to someone doing laundry, and some sort of table of a fair number of “names” that are not actually names but some sort of five-character combination of numbers and letters for the most part that seems to be related to “signing in”, perhaps to use the slide. I focus on how, when the new slide was first installed in the playground (in reality), a line of students as long as the street resulted in the morning (seemingly every student in the school in fact), thus not everyone got to go on the slide if they were farther back in line. After several days though, the novelty wore off, and there was no longer a line.

    My dream shifts into a more defined state. I am in the living room in our present home on W Street. I notice that the couch has about six levers sticking out from the bottom that are much the same as wooden organ pedals. However, they also work like organ stops in that they pull out or push in a short distance. In turn, this seems to function in a manner of a combination lock.

    By way of a false memory, I manipulate a particular sequence of these wooden stops in a certain order - knowing that money will somehow materialize inside the bottom of the couch in the boxlike storage area if the right pattern is implemented (like a combination lock/password composite). After I do this, I lift the seat up and see that there is a stack of fifty-dollar bills (Australian) near the middle area, nearly six inches high a stack. I look through them to make sure it is “real”. Although the money is “made” somehow, it is still the same as “real” money - or possibly teleported from somewhere else (though I do not get the impression it is stolen). Even though I am not lucid, a subtle part of me knows that I am making my dream (as is often the case, even as a child) and so I am focused on the “reality” of the imagery of the money, which at times, seems rendered incorrectly (the bills seem to have features of both American and Australian fifty dollar notes at certain points). However, this neither bothers me nor triggers a “closer” lucidity (as it probably should) and my dream fades from here, whereas I get the feeling that the money will automatically be “correct” (correctly rendered) in the long run - though by the time I ponder upon that, I am already mostly awake.

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