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    Listening to a Fictional Music Album

    by , 04-01-2018 at 10:01 AM (82 Views)
    Morning of April 1, 2018. Sunday.

    I am uncertain of my dream’s location. Settings are always different even when modeled after real-life places I have lived, though there is a vague essence of the northeast area of the Cubitis living room (where I have not been since 1978). However, it also feels like a variation of our present address, seemingly the dining room, which we use as our bedroom, though in this case, it could be a subliminal infusion of where my physical body is in reality as I sleep.

    There is a website (name unknown) where I had a musical album stored for a month or two. I am listening with headphones. There is a large photograph of a rocket launch on the wall, which is implied to represent the cover art for the song (or possibly the whole album). It is to the right of my view. Additionally, there is another monitor, more to the center of my view, which displays the website’s main page. Although the rocket in the image looks realistic, much of the background appears somewhat like an oil painting, with uneven patches of darker and lighter blue.

    In contrast, the setup to listen to my music is on the opposite side of the monitors. I listen to the beginning of my song and hear only two sustained mid-range notes as the supposed introduction. Apparently, the website has a rating system for different songs, but this is only a vague thought. I am aware of a Giorgio Moroder influence on all the tracks (and yet I do not pick up on the dream state indicator of his song “Together in Electric Dreams”, a trait of my non-lucid dream self that suggests exclusive synaptic gating even when obvious dream state indicators are otherwise rendered).

    There is a time period where I watch a short movie that represents one of my songs, which seems based on some sort of odd science-fiction story about “howling”. A large spaceship (reminding me of the 1978 Battlestar Galactica in overall shape) with lots of satellite dishes on top is approaching another planet. There are satellite dishes everywhere on the planet. This is what the “howling” is related to, that is, the satellite dishes “howling” at each other, the backstory and reason unknown.

    Over time, the sound is not loud enough and sometimes drops out. I move the left side headphone connection somewhat, and the wire just falls out. This makes me very annoyed. I take off my headphones and notice an apparent previous attempt to fix the other side. There is a small mess of entangled and looped copper wire on the right side. I talk about throwing out my headphones, saying, “even though they cost a hundred dollars” (which is incorrect as they actually cost over four hundred dollars in reality).

    The headphones are related to the subliminal awareness of being unconscious and not fully discerning real-life environmental noises. The headphone wire coming out of the left side is precursory to hearing less illusory dream-rendered audio (as waking-oriented autosymbolism is usually directed to my dream self’s right if I am sleeping on my left side).

    The rocket launch image is typical autosymbolism for the emergence of my conscious self identity as the waking precursor as well as the energy of my real physical body, which the dream self is otherwise primarily unaware of in unconsciousness. (Virtually all vehicles in dreams; cars, boats, airplanes, rockets, and so on; subliminally represent the specific essence of the physical body and specific association with physical dynamics, each vehicle depending on the level of awareness in unconsciousness, and dreamers who pay any attention at all will easily realize this fact even without the level of disclosure I have in understanding auto-scripting and receiving hypnopompic disclosure. Ultimately, this is a no-brainer, as the word “vehicle” itself is used to mean the physical body.)

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