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    Long Rein, Short Rain, Candy Bar Wrapper, Golden Legs 1 of 2

    by , 05-15-2014 at 11:15 AM (373 Views)
    Morning of May 15, 2014. Thursday.

    Dream #: 17,314-04. Reading time: 2 min 45 sec.

    I am riding in a landau with Zsuzsanna either late at night or early in the morning before dawn in Rochester, Minnesota. I get the feeling we are enjoying an expensive tour. The unknown coachman is on our left as I sit in the middle. At one point, we are going down 2nd Street SW so that when we turn right, we will go past the Mayo Clinic Baldwin Building. There are many high buildings adjacent to the streets. There is no other traffic or any other people.

    What is surreal about this scene is that the small brown horse pulling the carriage is nearly half a city block ahead of us on a very long lead rein. It seems to be like this so that tourists cannot take control or cause the landau to go in a different direction. Even so, the lead rein seems too slack for feasible control of the horse. I wonder what will happen when we get to an intersection and have to turn the corner.

    When the horse reaches the intersection and turns right, we have to stop. We have to get out of the carriage to push and align it to the perpendicular street to continue our journey. I consider we will probably have to do this several times before we get to our destination. Zsuzsanna and I decide to walk.

    In a room on the second floor of the hotel, I find a television broadcast annoying, but I am unsure how to turn it off. Zsuzsanna is on the bed, and there is an unusual movement over her skin, like a ripple effect (reminiscent of moderate ocean waves).

    Later, I am in a library where there are many other people. I am standing in an area near a long table that is mostly to my right. A young male approaches me and pulls something out of my left plaid shirt pocket with his right hand. It is a Mars candy bar wrapper. He throws it on the table while claiming it is against library policy for anyone to carry a card in their pocket. His activity makes no sense to me, and I decide to punch him and knock him to the floor.

    My instinctual awareness of being in the dream state increases to full recognition I am dreaming. I leave the library, though it is now part of a larger building. I follow two people out into the hall as I see it is like a college I went to and later worked at in maintenance in La Crosse.

    I walk westerly down the hall. I see through the glass doors that sparse raindrops are falling outside. It now seems to be winter. I feel anticipation because I enjoy walking and flying in the rain in dreams, and I know it will vivify my dreaming experience. When I walk outside, the rain is stopping. I walk down the alley, and my awareness seems to fade only slightly.

    I am sitting on the ground. I look out from the end of the alley and notice a pair of feminine legs that shine with a golden light. (It is a pale gold but then closer to canary yellow, but at one point, it looks mottled with white or paler yellow). The unknown girl stands near a parked car. She is briefly talking on a payphone but then on her cell phone. She is wearing a short dark blue skirt and black stilettos. For a time, I can only see her from the waist down due to a low tree branch blocking the rest of the scene. I am intrigued.

    Otherwise, she seems to be an ordinary woman engaging in everyday activities. When I get up and go closer, I see her walking a bit north from the car, but she stops and looks at me as if expecting me to say something. My dream fades as her glowing skin dims somewhat.

    My liminal awareness arises to full recognition of being in transition in my dream relative to the shifting somatosensory dynamics and my physical orientation in bed (a factor more sustained in childhood).

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