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    The Magnificent Game

    by , 08-02-2016 at 02:02 PM (141 Views)
    Morning of August 2, 2016. Tuesday.

    I am one of the main partners of an unknown male (who seems to be in a safari outfit at one point) who has been designing and developing a huge strategy game that is played in a wide area with a number of larger pieces. Its playing field is a little larger than our entire house. There are a number of unusual scenes in this very long dream, most of which I can only summarize parts of here.

    The game is somewhat like a more complex version of the “Age of Empires” computer game, the only computer game I have played much over the last few years. It features major situations throughout history all occurring in the same time period, it seems.

    In one scene near the beginning, the man is talking about how the nuclear plants (of about three inches high), one at the base of a miniature mountain, are the only game pieces that cannot be physically destroyed. He demonstrates this fact by throwing a couple “real” grenades onto the playing field, right onto one of the nuclear plant buildings. After this, I look inside one of them and see what seems to be a few horizontal layers of metal, each layer about a quarter of an inch apart. Apparently, this is done because the game’s nuclear plants are somehow “real” and relate to the game’s resources.

    There is a scene involving seemingly modern British royal guards, and one game character going through a sort of red and white striped toll booth but for people who are walking. This seems to be one of the main features of the game at one point (but features and ideas about the game keep changing, including the layout).

    In one scene I am holding a couple male characters that are about half the size of a Barbie doll. They seem somewhat lifelike. The situation seems up to me as a leader becomes a slave and a slave becomes a leader - though this seems unexpected on the presumed part of the characters (which at this point may somehow have some sort of sentience). I place the leader in a miniature coffin, though he is not “dead”. This is only for a time. I soon take him out and the game continues, though none of it has any actual continuity.

    At one point near the end of my dream, I notice that the entire playing field on its perimeter is shaped like a very odd jigsaw puzzle piece, the border having that peculiar jigsaw look all the way around, though the playing field itself is of an odd irregular shape though slightly like the shape of a pistol overall. The jigsaw shape is as such to fit in with the other components and when a person has all of them, they represent the entire world. I think there are possibly five or six main components but possibly a lot of individual add-ons. It would seem that the complete game would take up the area of at least five houses. I remain in a sort of awe about the man’s work.

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