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    MAPPED DREAM: "Tiko's Treasure"

    by , 03-06-2023 at 06:14 PM (176 Views)

    Saturday morning, 29 November 1975. Age 14.

    Dream #: 3,267-01.

    1 minute and 40 seconds to read.

    Scene 1:

    Toby Taylor and I are reminiscing about the 1962 movie “Tiko and the Shark” that I had watched a few times on the “CBS Children’s Film Festival.” We talk about the idea of a remake or sequel even though we also talk about Tiko’s life as if he was a real-world person we knew.

    The setting, although appearing as the El Jobean fishing pier in Port Charlotte, Florida, in the early evening, implies the location is Bora Bora to bring about connections to the movie as I push my imagination into my dream’s ongoing narrative. As I talk, I focus on my dream corresponding with my intent as I narrate an idea for a fictitious sequel called “Tiko’s Treasure.”

    Scene 2:

    As I think about time travel and Tiko’s village, the pier dissolves, and I fall into the water. Although I see shark fins, I am unconcerned.

    Toby is “still” on the pier, but it is now far away, contradicting the first implication. The narrative ambiguously implies it has not yet been built, but Toby is still in his original location, despite me being in the water about half a city block away from it. Even so, it seems I am communicating from the dream state (as a fantasy) to his imagined “real-world location” in the “future” (from my present location). More contradictory is that I now consider I might be (or become) Tiko (even though I am also me).

    Scene 3:

    I find myself in an unrealistic setting with grass huts. One grass hut may be a ticket booth for the “movie” I am exploring. Other grass huts may be for tourists.

    The usual factor of arm mobility associations ambiguously integrates into the narrative, resulting in self-contradicting content.

    Several “bowling balls” float in the water near one hut (as I consider there is a bowling alley for tourists nearby, but the balls sometimes roll from the hut into the water). The imagery becomes more like a cartoon at this point. They may be confused with large black pearls in the region to distract treasure hunters.

    Eventually, I think they are probably coconuts.

    Unusual Correlation:
    Curiously, there WAS a remake a few years after this dream. I found myself watching it when going through channels on my sister Marilyn’s television. The remake is “Beyond the Reef (Sharkboy of Bora Bora)” - made in 1979 but supposedly not released until 1981.

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