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    Missed Military Helicopter Flight

    by , 01-01-2015 at 07:01 AM (15 Views)
    Morning of January 1, 2015. Thursday.

    Reading time: 35 sec. Readability score: 48.

    I am supposed to get on a military helicopter under non-threatening conditions, approaching from its right side. It features a camouflage design. It is in a mostly featureless field with overgrown weeds. While walking, my foot catches on a piece of uprooted root or snagged plant stem, and I trip with the usual hypnopompic kick.

    Usually, this stage of dreaming occurs as walking in a city and tripping or falling off the curb (though that is too common to bother to document, as is the beginning of this dream, as most begin with sightings of lakes and rivers as this one did), typically only as the first dream of a sleep cycle. Helicopters are a common form of vestibular system correlation and a projection of illusory physicality when there is more mental energy present, though on a spiritual level they have an association with the Merkaba as tornadoes do.

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