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    Mixed-up celebrity dreams

    by , 10-20-2014 at 08:40 PM (285 Views)
    Morning of October 20, 2014. Monday.

    In my first dream, for some inexplicable reason, a new “MacGyver” television series is produced. Somehow, a younger Carol Burnett (around 40 or so in contrast to her present age of 81) plays MacGyver. After the first episode airs, I read a review in which it is said that she is “too polite” as the new MacGyver. The dream seems fairly long but I do not remember the overall plot of the in-dream show.

    My next dream is even more ridiculous. Dean Norris is the only recognizable celebrity in the “movie” although this time it is like a “real” setup on scene, which seems to be the porch of either the Barolin Street house or Loomis Street, or a composite of both and it seems later at night or before dawn. Even though there seems to be a (fictional, likely science-fiction) movie in progress, the people in it are somehow actually miniature, only about four inches tall. I am there watching and so is my wife. I guess we have something to do with the filming. The miniature people have to contend with “giant” cane toads, about five of them in different areas of the porch. There is a dramatic scene where Dean Norris gets hold of a (miniature) gun (taking it from someone else, I think) and shoots most of the “giant” cane toads. The camera zooms in on him when he is in a group of people standing around (in what seems somewhat like a bank queue) with some sort of suspenseful music playing.

    Near the end, only four miniature people are left. I watch them walk south over the area where railroad tracks used to be in my Cubitis backyard, there being a lot more shrubs and various larger weeds, other than the somewhat sandy “path” left over from where the tracks mainly sat. This is unusual only in that I normally become fully lucid when I see miniature people, but here, I do not. Looking down, I watch them travel from my left to my right as they waddle along. There is a vague sense of the concept of elves, but they are “ordinary” people other than having been shrunken somehow.

    In one other dream, I am trying to read the comic strips in a newspaper, but the paper is transparent so that the comic strips on the other side (of at least two pages) are blended (in reverse imagery) to the ones on the side intended for reading (similar to when you hold a page up against a brighter light) so that the page is an ambiguous composite of normal and mirror-imaged comic strips layered together.

    The dream turned out to have the usual trivial short-term precognitive layer (this time relative, as usual, to something regarding precise style, movement, etc. in terms of expectation - why it always seems so obvious and stands out as such makes me wonder what is going on with the rest of humanity in not noticing this in their own lives - particularly as such layers stand out as more defined when looking back with almost every single dream). I have always been interested in the hows and whys, ultimately, especially regarding why the events are often so trivial, although usually reflecting (in a precognitive sense) the “most unusual” aspect of waking life within a particular time. “Normal” humanity baffles me, and this (continuous trivial and impersonal precognition, yet its being so precise) is the main reason why.

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