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    Mole People Beach

    by , 01-01-1972 at 11:36 AM (277 Views)
    Night of January 1, 1972. Saturday.

    This dream was the rather unfortunate result of having seen some of “The Mole People” (from 1956) and “Bikini Beach” (from 1964) on our black-and-white television in Cubitis on the same day (though I only saw about the last half of “The Mole People” as I got up too late - about eight o'clock - to see it from the beginning - though my mother had watched it from the beginning yet did not think much of it except for mild amusement, I thought). In my dream, Annette Funicello is in the main role of the fictional in-dream version of “The Mole People” and apparently her boyfriend is one of the mole people though looks fairly normal, and there is a scene where the slightly more human-like heads (than the creatures in the actual movie) are sort of moving side to side with their bodies otherwise buried in the sand at the mostly featureless beach. There is something somewhat ambiguous about the scene in that it seems more like a foreign desert at one point than an American beach, though it does not seem to be horror; only some sort of low-key drama. I only remember about three distorted fictional scenes, which is typical of such movie-influenced composite jumbles. What a way to start the new year (1972), as my mother used to say.

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