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    My Magic Show

    by , 12-19-1970 at 12:19 PM (253 Views)
    Morning of December 19, 1970. Saturday.

    I am performing a magic show on the Cubitis carport, in front of a few friends and classmates (at least five or more) on the day before my birthday. There may be others watching me from behind and to either side, including a couple adults (teachers?).

    At the time, this was likely a longer and more eventful dream, but I had originally only recorded some of the main details - though it also “reset” and was recurring (including on the same morning or prior evening), though this is mostly a combination of all versions of my dream.

    I have a top hat and a wand, as well as a little table and am directly facing the east end of the carport and standing near the area that is just back from the west end of the carport itself. My classmates are really enjoying the show, it seems.

    There is a point at which I throw sparkling confetti into the air. At that same moment, it starts to actually snow (in central Florida, yet) and the audience is amazed. The snow is not falling inside the carport, though, but directly outside, creating a feeling of a pleasant surprise as well as a sense of comfort and peace.

    There is another point at which I turn a dove into a very large vulture that sits on my shoulder, but there is no sense of danger or fear (although audience members say “Oooh” out of appreciation and a slight wariness, perhaps).

    There is another point at which there is orchestral music seemingly coming from nowhere (just as it does in movies and television shows, really). Also, my magic wand grows small branches and leaves. I remember some joyful conversation, but did not remember it after waking.

    I turn a matchbox bus into a real school bus (which appears on the highway in the distance and in a way, seems like an “obvious” deception and the magic act sort of losing cohesion, but only in one version of my dream). Also, at one point, it seems the carport is flying in the sky like it is the large basket of a balloon (recurring). I also do a few simple card tricks.

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