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    No Lion Threat

    by , 02-20-2018 at 10:28 AM (105 Views)
    Morning of December 31, 1999. Friday.

    I am with a group of about eight people, all of whom are unfamiliar and unknown to me. The setting is a partial house with typical indoor outdoor ambiguity. The people seem somewhat friendly and there is no conflict at any point. It is an informal social atmosphere.

    Eventually, there is at least one lion walking around near the perimeter of what is implied to be the house. It looks our way a few times but there is never an implied threat. Still, I feel puzzled at times as to whether there should be a wall present between us and the lion. The other people do not comment on its presence.

    Indoor outdoor ambiguity is likely the result of subliminal awareness of the differences between being conscious in waking life and being unconscious in the dream state, as a wall is otherwise liminal space division autosymbolism, the waking space between the incomplete fictional dream self identity and the conscious self identity.

    RAS modulation (dominating RAS mediation triggered by delayed consciousness reascension) remains inactive here, as there is no event regarding the lion, which otherwise remains a passive emergent consciousness factor. All this is saying is that RAS does not detect a possible threat in my immediate environment as I am sleeping. In childhood, concern over a wild animal getting into my Cubitis home was a recurring waking alert factor by way of RAS modulation, though such dreams were not nightmarish, as they only held sustained concern until my dream faded. It is a biological mechanism related to survival instinct, though additionally triggered by the lack of clarity of one’s environment in unconsciousness, especially upon an unfamiliar noise being subliminally perceived.

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