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    November Second Halloween (in three acts)

    by , 11-03-1973 at 05:03 PM (201 Views)
    Morning of November 3, 1973. Saturday.

    This is a long dream that started prior to real-life sunrise, continuing a short time after real-life sunrise, the carport (north through my bedroom windows) being fully illuminated as I woke up with the “I’ll just wake up now” resolved liminal state. As is often the case (recurring dream property, especially from 1969 to 1973), the eerie or threatening aspects of my dream break down or transform and become more mundane as the sun rises in real life - this can be seen in some of my other dreams, including several where bones become branches or picnic forks or a vampire bat becomes a non-threatening moth, etc.

    In the first part of my dream, I am aware that it is Halloween night, except for the fact that November second is usually “Halloween” in my dream universe. This is due to a strong influence from the Barbara Steele movie “Castle of Blood” (from 1964). November second was always the “night of the dead” for me, which was actually more dominant than cultural associations with “ordinary” Halloween, though I still “saw” it (and accepted it) as the “real” Halloween.

    Act One:

    The first part of my dream reveals that a few classmates had been to my house in Cubitis; I assume mainly Tina L, Brenda W, Toby T, and Steve J. I seem to be the only one directly in-dream until near the end, though. The very large antique wooden dining table in the living room, along the middle area of the east side of the house and near the windows in usual view of the backyard (but the curtains are mostly down in-dream) has three areas that display several small skulls made of hard candy, mostly on the left side of the table to my perspective, some on a transparent glass plate of fancy spiral relief patterns, some not. The three sets are of slightly different sizes. Many are of the glow-in-the-dark pale green as of the color of cereal prizes that glow in the dark. A few others are in different pale colors such as Pepto-Bismol pink (recurring dominant color), a pale violet, and a pale yellow - none are white. In the back of my mind is the idea that some of them may be poisonous. I am not sure why people would put poisonous candy on the table (and I am hoping more friends or classmates do not come in and eat them unknowingly), but I get two other associations, one being cough drops in the shape of skulls, the other being skull-shaped vitamins. Therefore, each set of skulls is either candy, cough drops, or vitamins, with perhaps a few poisonous ones in each. I am wary of them all, though, and do not touch any of them.

    Act Two:

    I go into the hallway with the intent of, I think, going to the bathroom, though I do not recall an actual need to. It may just be a random in-dream wandering. Suddenly, a large hairy bat flies down from the back door area near the ceiling and its face is so close upon reaching me, it would have logically hit my face - but instead - suddenly vanishes. This is rather puzzling. The bat had a grinning gargoyle-like face, almost smiling at me.

    Act Three:

    As it grows closer to sunrise, I hear dogs barking and snarling. Normally, I am wary of going onto the carport at night (or even early morning) in dreams, but not always. I open the front door and the barking is actually right in the carport. I see several dogs right there just past the doorway and immediately close the door. The dogs continue to bark and growl. After the sun rises, I open the door and Toby T is there and holding a large poster, but beginning to roll it up top to bottom (and which had been completely covering the other side of the doorway) showing dogs in various aggressive positions (a couple of them apparently leaping up towards the viewer), which is exactly what I had seen before. He explains that the sound of the dogs was from a cassette playing on the table on the carport. Thus, what I saw when I opened the door was only the poster. I am somewhat relieved and it was all in good fun, I suppose. I am also aware that the bat, which was fake, was what I myself had set up and forgotten about, triggered by my movement into the hallway and pulling a string with my lower leg, which caused it to fly down from a setup at the end of the hallway.

    Act one blends several associations, including the idea that sugar is “bad” for you, and so can vitamins if you take too many (especially, as I understand it - vitamin A, which has the highest toxicity if taken too often). On another note, I never really liked hard candy, which often tasted really bad to me and I could not understand how other people liked it or could even suck on it - horrid fake “cola” or “root beer” taste, fake horrid “citrus” and so on, that also make me cough just having it in my mouth and reminded me of sucking on the opening of a bottle of perfume (though admittedly I had never done that) and sometimes had an overwhelming soap-like taste. The cough drop aspect featured also brings to mind when a teacher at school gave me “candy”, which turned out to be an old cough drop - something I never confronted her on - just thought it was strange. It seemed to also be “warning” me about taking too much Pepto-Bismol, which I did not find out about in real life until much later.

    Act two mostly used the association with the opening of the original “Scooby Doo” television series where animated bats fly at the viewer. I also had a toy/fake rubber bat on a string which I ended setting up as in my dream for a bit of amusement.

    Act three shows my wariness and fear of dogs in dreams (curiously, which did not reflect real life to any degree) finally beginning to subside a bit as well as showing potential in-dream manipulation - that is, two-dimensional concepts made from what first seemed three-dimensional (the opposite of photo projection), thus a background latent ability to warp dimensions and planes of portals in-dream, almost in the manner of an implied hypercube. This recognition is delivered by my best friend. Toby T was somewhat like a “mirror” more representative of everyman, yet was not really like me at all at higher levels.

    Steve J represents conditional love or conditional friendship, almost in an incidental way, due to a childhood “I’ll be your friend if…” or “I’ll continue to be your friend only if…” mentality. Tina L represents a combination of absentminded humorous outlook and incidental or faux snobbery. Her last name was also a play on “linear” (with only the relative accent slightly different in each); that is, a logical western progression in contrast to Brenda W’s (who was the main archetype for my wife-to-be) more “gypsy-like” or “Wendy the Good Little Witch” (but brunette, not blonde) magical persona.

    This was a DDR dream I really enjoyed. The MITD (“monster in the doorway” waking transition, which is analogous as the emergent consciousness event) in the “final act” was rendered as just a poster of barking dogs that Toby had put up over the doorway to fool me (with a cassette of barking playing on a table in our carport). Everything was resolved to be part of a practical joke being setup by classmates.

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