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    Ocean Beyond the Doorway (with Kenneth Hill)

    by , 02-09-1975 at 08:09 AM (282 Views)
    Morning of February 9, 1975. Sunday.

    The original 1975 title for this was “It Didn’t Work”. This is the first time I have changed the title since then to be more descriptive.

    I travel with a friend and schoolmate, Kenneth Hill, to find my “mystery girl” who I am supposed to marry in Australia in a couple months. I keep going as far as I can to the southwest, thinking it is a short walk from my home, sometimes going southeast, such as towards where the train tracks and farms beyond are in real life (although some scenes and changes of direction seem like typical dream “resets”).

    Along the way, his foot gets stuck under a railroad track rail, but I save him by pulling on his arms to help him get free prior to the train arriving. It seems to be afternoon at this point. (This actually seems to be just beyond my backyard, though I pull him westerly back towards the backyard, so our implied direction keeps changing.)

    Time passes. We reach a door. Kenneth stands directly to my right. I open the door in a hallway - as it now seems as if we are still in my Cubitis home, the fictional door being on the west wall (but seemingly in a different area than the hallway closet door, more to the south) and I only see the ocean beyond, starting directly from the doorway.

    “It didn’t work,” I tell him sadly as my dream fades.

    This dream occurred years before I knew my “mystery girl” existed in real life. This was also the date (in 1994) when I arrived in Australia. We married on April 9th, 1994 in the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens in Queensland.

    • This dream is of the threshold type, which was more common in my childhood and young adult years. This type renders a doorway as a dream’s implied exit symbolism. (It may be less common now due to the fact that our bedroom does not have a doorway, being partly open to the kitchen and lounge room, though with a curtain over the kitchen side.)
    • The other side of the fictional doorway in real life would have been the southwest bedroom. Although I had been “blocked” from my “mystery girl” by the ocean in other dreams (though not as a general occurrence) as an association with her being on the other side of the world, because water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep in real time, this seems like a logical ending (though typically, water lowers when waking, though the ocean being implied to be inside a house would make it not very deep other than relating to its seeming bilocated nature).
    • The threshold dream type often renders my emergent consciousness as a different character or feature (though seemingly still linked to the preconscious factor). In this case, Kenneth seems to be the passive preconscious factor while it is my dream self that initiates the final symbolism. (The preconscious usually only dominates the dream’s last segment when there is no first-level dream sign or waking indicator, confirming one of the main dynamics and actual purposes of dreams.)
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