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    Oh no, not King Street again…

    by , 10-06-2014 at 04:06 PM (235 Views)
    Morning of October 6, 2014. Monday.

    In my dream, I am lying in a (unfamiliar) bed, seemingly after an implied in-dream “sleep”. I am not sure of the time, but I think it is at night, though it is seemingly morning at the end of my dream (a typical lack of dream continuity or coherence). To my left is a male (once a drug addict but also a former coworker) named Don K, who I have not seen at all in about thirty years (and last I heard he was committed for an attempt on his parents’ lives among other things related to drug abuse). The room I am in is actually the pinhead’s, Leonard S, at the south end of the King Street boarding house. The bed is out from the east wall (Tenth Street side) but closer to the north wall, a place a bed had never been in reality (at least during the time I lived in the building). Donald seems to be sleeping but having some sort of spontaneous arm and leg movement.

    After a time, an arm and hand comes through the window from outside (being a repeat of a scene from a different recent dream) - supposedly from a person standing on the Tenth Street sidewalk. This is not possible (in reality), as the room is on the second floor as well as the window having a screen, but that rationalization does not even begin to form in-dream (being typically impossible “nonsense” with the mind’s logistic and analytical abilities seemingly not functioning at all). I am not sure whose hand it is, but my brother Dennis shows up soon, so there may be a chance it was him but I do not ask him about it. He had rode his bicycle to the house (from the south I think, possibly from the smaller grocery store). The area of the room to the north is more open than in reality, more like a lobby of sorts, with only a partial wall dividing the space that would be a hallway in reality. The whole area is quite bigger than in real-life and looks more like the living room downstairs.

    My brother sits down in a chair on the north side of the bed. I am not clear on what he is talking about. Don continues to flop his arms and legs around, becoming a more annoying presence. There is something about a “virtual girl” in a magazine and she has aspects of a young version of my wife (though I have no in-dream memory of the last thirty years of my life at this point). Her imagery is set out in a sequence of (upright) playing-card-sized panels in the magazine (vaguely reminiscent now when awake of an older dream with actual playing cards) but I am not even sure if Dennis is aware of the magazine or if it is some sort of dream within the dream trying to formulate and “take over” my original dream.

    Dennis leaves, I believe by my becoming annoyed with him for some reason and telling him to go, but he tiptoes out as quietly as possible so that the landlady will not know he is there. However, as he is tiptoeing and walking stealthily, he still somehow makes a lot of clomping noises that sound quite loud and echo throughout the entire building as if amplified through loudspeakers or intercoms.

    After he is gone, the landlady comes in and I get that usual recurring in-dream awareness that I had been living there for nearly a year without having paid any rent (and in this case, it is not even a room I had ever rented in reality). She tells me to get out. She swings at me with a rolled-up newspaper but misses. I am not sure if anyone else is living in the house and not sure of Don’s status (he was evicted in reality but I never was). She says that she has a dairy farm now and poses as if to attempt to strike me with the newspaper again. I ask her if I can help there (to pay back what I supposedly owe her) and she says “no”, seeming near-despondent about her frustration with me. I am very annoyed after waking and cannot believe I did not catch that I was dreaming all that time.

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