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    Paper Dinosaurs

    by , 12-16-2014 at 06:16 PM (236 Views)
    Morning of December 16, 2014. Tuesday.

    Dream #: 17,529-02. Reading time: 46 sec. Readability score: 60.

    I am with my family in an undefined environment, though perceived as indoors. After a short time, I have a false memory of having been in the recent act of setting up something from a special book that is similar to a popup book, though far more complex and with expansion potential (which is not physically feasible - though there are “tricks” that are vaguely similar, such as the “newspaper tree”, “stepping through a card”, and the “polyhedral ball of cards”). I open the book on a table of a lower height.

    Two hollow paper cylinders are able to be pulled up from one page (left side of book spread), which seem to imply the legs of a tyrannosaurus. Other paper parts are able to expand out to signify parts of the skeletal system as well as the muscular system. The detail is quite defined and vivid with the subtle impression of Chinese paper lanterns (though again, quite complex and with multiple parts).

    There are a few other structures relating to prehistoric scenes that are present. Even though I am not lucid, my focus and ability to “complete” the expansion of these complex paper structures seems “perfect”, with no typical dream distortion of any kind. Even the thinness of the paper does not seem an issue, the shapes remaining as they should.

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