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    Park with Halloween Theme

    by , 03-13-2017 at 09:13 AM (250 Views)
    Morning of March 13, 2017. Monday.

    The first scene involves wandering around in a mostly empty circus tent that is connected to at least one other one. We had apparently bought two-dollar tickets (for all the members of our family) to see some sort of comedic monologue and perhaps something else, but it appears that there is going to be no event as such when the time approaches. There are not that many people around. I am very annoyed that they are not going to honor our tickets. It seems like very bad business practice. The ringmaster walks into a different featureless area and talks about random subjects unrelated to their original plans and even seems annoyed by people expecting them to do a show. I get the impression that he does not care at all about honoring any of the tickets ever sold at any time in the various locations they travel to.

    My family and I leave and soon find some sort of odd Halloween display at a park. There is a scene where Zsuzsanna is sitting in a swing on one end of a swing set (to my left as I am at a distance, though walking closer to the situation, approaching from behind them). Our youngest son is in the middle swing but there is an unknown boy (slightly older than our son) who is bullying our son (and to his right) and grabbing at the chain of his swing. Our son is trying to push him away. The unruly boy has bruises and scratches on his face and arms (though likely not caused by our son). As I approach, I tell him to leave and he does. I then comment, “Some parents sure do not know how to watch their kids or teach them anything”. Oddly, an unknown female who I first thought was the unruly boy’s mother unexpectedly agrees with me. (She had been sitting on the ground on the opposite side of the swing set, facing my direction) However, she turns out to not be the boy’s mother after all and has her own son nearby (to her left).

    There is an unusual scenario where (stereotypical) Halloween witches are running around and randomly screaming at people. There is a short time where I decide to take on this role myself (and put on a Halloween witch outfit and wig) but I soon become bored of it as I cannot seem to scream correctly. It comes out rather course and not that loud. The patrons just look at me with slight amusement.

    There is an unusual scene where an unfamiliar younger male in minimal Halloween makeup is playing two alternating notes on an electronic keyboard. It sounds similar to the “Jaws” theme. At the same time he is playing this motif, a set of French doors on the opposite side of the playground area open and close in perfect time to the note patterns. I do not find this scary but it does seem a bit curious. It is almost as if he is trying to give me some sort of clue about something (likely the preconscious indicating that I can leave the dream by going through the doors - or perhaps cause it to shift, even though I am not lucid).

    There is a scene of a tall cylindrical structure that seems to be somewhat like an enclosed pile driver. A small metal structure comes down as our youngest son goes inside the building when he seems curious of it. It is just big enough for one person to stand inside in the center. The lowering structure pushes on him but does not seem that heavy or forceful even though I was wary of it at first. Still, he seems to have difficulty with his legs in attempting to get out, but does not seem injured and gets out on his own. (It almost seems like an unlikely composite of pile driver, elevator, farm silo, and a circus strength tester where the bell is rung. It may be loosely based on the playground rocket I sometimes explored as a child in La Crosse.)

    In the last scene, I feel very cheerful. It seems to be nighttime. I am with Zsuzsanna and I eventually notice a huge object towering in the sky about a block away. It looks like the underside of a giant microscope with about eight objective lenses. However, I consider that it is some sort of movie equipment for recording a crowd of people. I find it awe-inspiring and try to get Zsuzsanna’s attention for her to look at it, but there seems to be something that is somehow blocking her view of it.

    The second-from-last scene is an obvious but distorted waking precursor. It is like an incomplete elevator, and of course an elevator serves as a waking precursor or sometimes induction (just as in guided meditation and certain types of hypnosis). Still, the last segment indicated the consciousness shift (and a higher clarity) and a curious subliminal association with my conscious self in the habit of examining my dreams and dream self (as if with a giant microscope).

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