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    The Propeller

    by , 09-13-2019 at 09:05 AM (224 Views)
    Morning of March 5, 2019. Tuesday.

    Dream #: 19,069-04. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

    I stand in the early afternoon in an unknown location directly facing the propeller of a small white airplane. The propeller moves a short distance counterclockwise, but then it seems like it had not. I try to determine if it had by concentrating on the scene. I do not see a pilot, as the windows reflect blue sky and white clouds with a gray hue.

    I consider the essence of a slipstream, though mainly, since childhood, my modulation of the imaginary physicality of dreaming has been about balance or hovering to sustain and vivify a dream. I know there would have to be no imagined physical contact (despite ordinary wall mediation using phasing). I feel a sense of movement, but wake.

    “Beautiful Sparkling Tornadoes” from this date was about phasing and slipstreams as well. It is the principal factor of dream entry and egress. (That dream had a fictitious author who wrote about unknown creatures coming through the slipstream to “threaten humanity,” though there was no threat to me.) I can assume (at an esoteric level) that a tornado is a primary vehicle of enigmatic space (when it models the virtual Merkaba), yet which I have modulated even in childhood with one of my favorite dreams of spinning a merry-go-round to counteract an oncoming tornado.

    dream type: liminal modulation of imaginary physicality, supraliminal imaginary slipstream (virtual Merkaba)

    Induction, dreaming, and waking processes stem from the same dynamics regardless of any personification or preconscious simulacrum. There is no vestibular system personification here, only me.

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    1. DropTherapy's Avatar
      I've never seen this method of categorizing dream types. Is there a list or method behind the way you determined the dream type?
    2. Blue_Opossum's Avatar
      Yes, but over time, it varies with new content (as I started when I was very young) and I have experimented with many formats for online dream journal entries and usually do not include additional details. I do not follow any mainstream concepts or beliefs about dreams as none of them have any correlation with anything I have ever experienced in the tens of thousands of dreams I have worked with. Society shows no indication of understanding instinctual dreaming (dream control without lucidity) or dreams in general. Mainly, adjusting my extent of imaginary physicality is the main dynamic behind my dreams whether lucid or not (which I typically do by using a staircase, walking on a fence, elevated plank, and so on). It is simply the result of losing discernibility of the physical body and its orientation upon entering sleep (which also causes falling and flying dreams). Most often, it creates associations with flight. For example, airplanes, birds, helicopters, etc. (even flying buses) have appeared at one point in my sleep cycle virtually every night for over 50 years but often not noteworthy to a longer dream's content. Statistically, birds occur twice as often as airplanes and airplanes twice as often as helicopters. I've learned reasons behind that but it is too much detail to go into here and of course, I have always flown unaided in every sleep cycle whether lucid or not.