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    Pterodactyl Driver

    by , 07-19-2015 at 01:59 PM (317 Views)
    Morning of July 19, 2015. Sunday.

    After smoothly moving into blissful sleep paralysis after love-making, the “portal” begins to form, the thin short glowing lines (some moving as if racing with others in pairs) and asterisk-like sparks coming together into forming the usually generic city streets setting, by far the most common rendering of origin in the last ten years or so. I am too integrated to be pulled back by a hypnic jerk (as is often the case where my first very short lucid dream of many nights is of walking on a sidewalk and eventually tripping somehow and falling forward, with an intense body-wide sensation before I begin to integrate back towards the flow of a new dream creation) and am soon in my dream’s incomplete setting and where parts of the street are not yet rendered. I also had not scripted a dream concept the previous evening so I relax my focus as in a semi-lucid dream.

    Shortly, letting my thoughts wander, I begin to remember a brief previous focus on an old dream titled “Yakety Yak” (August 11, 1974) which featured Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” character heads and which I had posted on tumblr earlier. As I have learned, it does not take much for a dream to form out of a very short time period (even with full lucidity) involving the focus on even a very old dream or a brief glance at an insignificant and impersonal article in a old newspaper (as with another recent dream).

    A white 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille convertible comes into the scene from my left side, seemingly driving north relative to my dream’s implied orientation, but south based on my conscious afterthought concerning my house’s orientation, based primarily on the transition of direction from living here as opposed to living in Wisconsin in America (as it seems a bit like a La Crosse setting), something that is fairly common in dreams that utilize La Crosse settings, and which also make some composites a bit ambiguous in directional orientation (assuming a particular dream does not rotate house layouts and features ninety degrees, or sometimes also symmetrically mirror them).

    There is some sort of confusion with names; “Coupe DeVille” warping into “Cruella de Vil” and I briefly falsely recall that this character is Cruella de Vil in a pointless “aha” moment. I soon realize that this is not the case and that, regardless of my lucidity, it is typical invalid word association gibberish, as the Spy driver is male.

    Soon, however, Spy is not Spy at all, but is now my Revell SnapTite Pteranodon Model from around this same time period (age 13), though there is some transient ambiguity during my focus on the eerie similarity of the heads. As I focus on the memory of how the model’s head swiveled about in reality, its head begins spinning as it is driving (although there is a brief period where the Spy/Pteranodon seems to be shaking his head “no”). Eventually, in spinning so fast, it becomes a helicopter rotary propeller, spinning faster and faster, creating a slight sense of in-dream vertigo as the car and the head smoothly transform into a helicopter, which rises in the air and flies away, leaving a sense of awe but soon decaying into abstract hypnopompic forms.

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