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    Return to the Green

    by , 01-05-2015 at 10:47 AM (271 Views)
    Morning of January 5, 2015. Monday.

    I got to “travel” a little within an incredibly beautiful green landscape. This sometimes happens when I do a bit of weeding, but interestingly, I pulled up some tougher weeds in one part of the lawn mostly after sunset - which is in contradiction to the Tetris Effect (and thus “unexplainable”) regarding the very bright, even “glowing” visionary imagery.

    This intense dream experience has caused me to question the actual nature of the so-called Tetris Effect and what is really happening at different levels of consciousness. I had assumed before that the reason I had such beautiful vivid (and fully lucid) dreams on an evening or next morning of a session (no matter how short) in gardening, where the entire landscape was made of various types of beautiful plants and continuous amazing changes in scenery and often additional patterns - was because of seeing a few different types of plants in brighter sunlight for an extended time. It seems that concept is not quite right, at least in every instance.

    The same type of amazingly beautiful and blissful “glowing” dream still happened when I did a bit of weeding in real life (for a fairly short time) after sunset due to it being so warm during the day. I actually was lying on the ground for about ten minutes at a time to get better access to the tougher woody stems and I could not see all that well.

    Even so, off I go later in my dream into the beautiful, wondrous landscapes. No people are around anywhere as I travel (and I am aware that most people cannot “see” at this level and I feel slightly sad for humanity about knowing this), although there had been a brief period where I was watching a smaller human hand seeming to reach up to me (though the person likely not buried or injured) as if only partly covered by stripes of mud near possibly a partly collapsed man-made structure such as an old wooden bridge - I do not think they had fallen; it may be a typical automatic tulpa-like creation. I want to grasp it and make contact (especially in such a bright and “accelerated” state) but there is a shift in my dream in it becoming even more brighter and vivid and with an increasing variety of plant types. For a time, I see rather large spider lily plants as well as both smaller and larger ferns and horsetail plants. I see a swaying of various smaller plants (a little less than knee-deep) in one area (from a mild breeze, I think, or possibly from something moving just under the average plant-height level) and there is a small cluster of trees across from me. It appears to be on the side of a small hill though the slope is only about twenty degrees. I am not certain if there is solid ground or water under this particular expanse of plants, so I remain disembodied and float over the region.

    After a time, when I am indulging in the overall beauty of the region, I notice a few different paths through marshy areas and sparse woody areas, the whole time feeling very peaceful and satisfied. Various pieces of straw, thin but longer sticks, and large green plant stems are lying along the paths at various angles. I also see smaller patches of yellow sand and white sand as well as the dirt along the paths.

    As is typical of this dream type, there are shifts in higher stages of “glowing” sections. I see feathery plants and very vivid and precise leaf patterns, both magnified and as part of a wonderful landscape, moving about in my disembodied “orb” form (though able to take human form if I wish).

    The usual “tunnel” appears, which seems to go deep into the earth, and is lined with some sort of light-colored plant matter, perhaps root-like. This type of feature always occurs in this dream type. In this one though, I am not as aware of insects and arachnids in remarkable detail as sometimes inconsequentially occurs.

    There is a scene of six coppery cobras facing outward in an implied hexagon, swaying about but otherwise not moving from their positions and not even causing any wariness in my fully relaxed state (though this is typical, as I am rarely concerned with any type of potentially “threatening” imagery in this particular state) - it is more like they are “living statues” in a way, but still with some sort of power. The bottom parts of their bodies seem somewhat joined or tied in some sort of knot at one point.

    I am now inclined to believe that it is sometimes primarily the “energy” and physical contact (from plants and the ground) that brings about this dream type rather than (or in addition to) just the bright imagery. The evidence speaks for itself - that, and the fact that I am not thinking of weeding at all in this type of in-dream environment - two facts which seem to contradict the Tetris Effect ideology, which interestingly enough, I did not question that much in the past due to seemingly relevant experiences and positive results of experiments relating to it. Also, the imagery of the plants I had seen in reality on a particular day are not necessarily dominant at all in this dream type; sometimes the plants even seem prehistoric, as if I was sometimes looking at the energy forms and possible variations of all plants throughout existence.

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