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    Rollercoaster and Weird Santa

    by , 12-20-1980 at 06:20 PM (165 Views)
    Night of December 20, 1980. Saturday. (My 20th birthday.)

    There is a lot of clarity and vividness but I have only a semi-lucid awareness. I am traveling on a mostly enclosed rollercoaster and going up but eventually I am horizontally riding through what is almost like a car wash. This dream is somewhat glitchy in its augmented energy as undefined forms move about and I can almost make out waveforms moving in the air in some areas or detached miniature wings (that move on their own with no implied body, bird or otherwise).

    After I move through a doorway (consciousness shift) that still has the essence of a car wash, my dream becomes astoundingly vivid though still glitchy and with an odd ambiance. I look to my right and see a sparse Christmas scene. Santa Claus is seated on a thrown. He leans forward and opens his mouth fairly wide in an odd “silent bark” at me. I am vaguely aware of a very slight sound which is only slightly like a lip-smacking sound. I feel vaguely threatened but he remains sitting, looking a bit crazed.

    Eventually, I climb down from the mostly enclosed rollercoaster as if climbing down over a stack of broken bed frames (dream sign).

    There are a few typical generic dreaming metaphors here, including detached wings (this dream’s flight symbol), which here actually relate to the incorporeal essence of the dreamer (even though I do have a “dream body” in this particular dream), and the rollercoaster (also a form of “flight” since it is metaphorical for the consciousness shifts that occur in the dream state), which becomes a stack of “broken bed frames”, which is analogous to the dissolution of my dream in addition to a play on “climbing out of bed” after my dream ends. I have only had a few “bad Santa” dreams. In most of these dreams (including a few where I was either the “real” Santa, implied to be a temporary stand-in, or where I wore the outfit) there is either a sense of great joy or no particular dominant emotion. The car wash aspect may relate to cellular functions or other bodily functions (related to cleansing, such as especially with the liver or kidneys) while in the dream state though on another level is another form of water induction which is very common in my dreams.

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