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    "The Search for Gomdulla" (the musical?)

    by , 09-25-1971 at 01:46 PM (303 Views)
    Morning of September 25, 1971. Saturday.

    This is from late childhood and was inspired by two giant mummy comic books (as well as “King Kong”) I had at that time. Toby T (my best friend), Brenda W, Tina L, and Lisa M are with me to find and capture (in a sort of King-Kong-like scenario) Gomdulla, the giant mummy. We stumble randomly into a large pyramid, which is more like the Concordia dance-hall my father had often done shows at but may be a much larger version of the old DHS auditorium in part.

    The giant mummy comes from around the corner (after much in-dream concentration to instigate it). I dance in his open hand (similar to Fay Wray on King Kong’s hand, I suppose), but somehow it is more like dancing on a mattress behind bulletproof glass with a subtle hint of a camera nearby (yet somehow more like a stage performance at school). Even though the mummy is originally male (I assume), the two songs I do are:

    “Hello ma baby! Hello ma honey! Hello ma ragtime gal!” and “Mummy! How I love ya! How I love ya! My dear ol’ mummy!” (altered from “Mammy” and “Swanee”).

    It could have been a lot better, though - in terms of a “proper” and more interesting and longer “movie dream” (there were at least two other later versions of this one that were worse and less eventful than this one). Toby messes around swinging on a giant loose bandage that hangs down (like Tarzan, I suppose). Brenda sort of breaks down and wants to go home. I go into a stupid “forced” persona that seems fake and I say “Aw! Do you want your mummy?" and she walks around with arms folded across her chest with a sad look, which is soon replaced by disgust and disbelief of my behavior.

    Toby takes the clasp/buckle from Brenda W’s dark leather purse. It was the real-life buckle which was a clock framework with the words "wait for me” on it, which I always thought was interesting - and I had never seen it elsewhere. I have not been able to find any Google image of it, either. He holds it up to frighten away the giant mummy/alien somewhat in accordance with the manner of a cross keeping away a vampire. The original (childhood journal) name for this was “The Search for the Giant Mummy”.

    Later on in real life we had a board game called “Voice of the Mummy” and I had my own “Dark Shadows” game.

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