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    by , 09-13-1980 at 09:46 AM (224 Views)
    Night of September 13, 1980. Saturday. (Wife’s birthday prior to contact.)

    Yes, I know. Not a very good title (but it is the original Journal title after all), but Oceania was the “real"name, which is quite interestingly what Australia is a part of in real life - though this Oceania was an underwater world that was also deep underground (I did not at all associate it with Australia in my dream). Regardless of the adult nature of my dream and the "mystery girl” associations, as well as the amazing “Little-Nemo-like” landscapes, I am fairly certain most of it was loosely influenced by shows I had not seen for several years; mainly “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” and “Land of the Lost”.

    That is certain regarding “Land of the Lost”, because the first part of my dream was almost like a long parody of the opening to the first season, with even poorer “special effects”. It was fun, though, and I am actually surprised that I did not laugh myself awake. I was in a boat that was seemingly too small and ended up going over a waterfall, through a tunnel, and into “another world”, all the while making “ooh” and “aah” sounds that came off as a bit “fake”. This world, however, was fully oceanic, with all of the buildings and inventions of that world specifically appearing to be greatly influenced by the depths of the ocean, such as most of the buildings seemingly formed by arrangements of giant seashells and coral arrangements. (A relief it was, though, without any “shellevision” or barking lobsters).

    My dream is very epic with long, beautiful scenes, but there is no actual interesting plot to tell anyone about. A dark-haired girl, the (main) princess of that world, shows me around. She is not mermaid-like or anything (in that she appears fully human) but can breathe water in the manner all the other inhabitants can, and I am somehow able to breathe underwater for the duration, with no concern at all about how unusual that would be in reality. She wears primarily black, but with various jewels covering much of the material, as well as a mostly black tiara with smaller jewels somewhat ruby-like, looking similar to a variation of a black swan tiara (where two swans that are closer face each other and imply a heart).

    The main entrance and exit (relating to surface world access) seems to be a long tunnel with a large river flowing through, probably about ten feet up from the water’s surface. It seems to be light enough to travel fairly safely, but with no sign of a light source. Odd, though, as it is seemingly below (or implied as such) the state of Wisconsin rather than being anywhere near the ocean.

    The ending is very dramatic. I am given a parade upon leaving that world (similar in style to the fuss over Little Nemo). I may be leaving because my ability to breathe water will wear off at a later stage.

    This is one of the hundreds of dreams where number twenty-two comes in; in this case, as two giant swans (swaying in a way that strongly reminds me of serpents) as, curiously, the ending theme from “The Blue Lagoon” plays in the background as the fancy parade moves along slowly and interestingly. There is an unusual composite emotion of great happiness and near melancholy at the same time. (In real life, years later, I actually did send my yet-to-be wife a large leaf painted with two swans on it.) This is a repeat of a scene from a childhood dream where “stand-in” archetype Brenda W was involved and the parade had two snakes (that impossibly crawled upright as snakes did in my childhood dreams - like a “standing” letter “S”). There were a lot of amazing transitions that “taught” me, quite extensively over half a lifetime, how Brenda W represented my unknown wife at the time.

    This was the longest and most colorful dream of the night. It was on my wife’s birthday (long before our first contact), and it involved me going “down under” (even using the name “Oceania”) to see the dark-haired, green-eyed “mystery girl”. This of course, is nothing compared to the far more precise journey details since earliest memory.

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