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    Sideyard Burial

    by , 08-15-1971 at 02:15 PM (581 Views)
    Morning of August 15, 1971. Sunday.

    This (“Sideyard Burial”) is the original journal title. When my family had first moved to Cubitis, my father had eventually taken down a very large tree that was in the north side-yard that he was concerned might eventually fall on the house during a strong storm or hurricane. Later on, the stump (and most roots) was also taken out and for a time, it was an additional incidental “well” that was about six feet deep or so. It was filled in a few years later. I used to lie on my stomach and watch all the trapped toads come out from the recesses at the bottom when throwing down an earthworm or beetle or some such. Seeing them come out from different areas to go after the same potential meal was kind of fun at that time. It very vaguely reminded me of movies that had scenes of ancient Rome and gladiators.

    Later on, that area was a place of mystery in a few dreams. There was a very long dream in which a feeling of strangeness was present and the actual body of Christ was buried there about five feet down or so. There was even something about an investigation of the scene. Mostly, I am aware of the skeletal hand and arm coming out from the side of the well. However, over time, it is only determined to be roots (even though there actually was the skeletal hand and arm in earlier scenes).

    This is vaguely like a much later dream where the holy “bones” turned out to be plastic forks and such for picnic supplies - “The Temple and the Tomb (January 1996)”. The “burial” dream was fairly haunting in one sense but certainly not nightmarish. There have been a reasonable number of dreams where things changed in such a manner where something unusual or eerie turned out to be mundane, including the “vampire bat” to large moth in one older dream.

    There was also a dream firstly from when I was four years old where a “bear” turned out to be a burned tree stump, which I saw later in an actual story in real life (that was very similar in some ways) - but this was also from a story my father had told me long before my dream which supposedly happened to someone he knew - that is, a friend mistaking a burned tree stump for a bear when they were out at night - an event that was probably fairly common and probably still happens now and then as people are always mistaking something for something else, especially at night.

    There was also a dream (1973) where the Roanoke Colony (the “lost colony”) was camped out in that part of the yard (strange, considering that it was Florida). I watched them from the roof, watching the fire’s glow and the people standing about. I am aware that one of them - a toddler - is Virginia Dare, but that is also an association with a (deceased) sister named Virginia.

    This dream is a generic DDR event where what is believed and somehow “reported” (by the media) to be the skeleton of Christ about six feet down (near an area where my father had removed a tree in real life) turns out to be plant roots. This is all seen as if incorporeal and with a sort of implied x-ray-like vision (though with natural visual details) through underground areas. There is much more to this one, though. This specific location was very rare in my dreams and the only other significant examples were specifically related to precognitive dreams concerning my “mystery girl” - again revealing her exact appearance before I made contact with her in reality, one where I fell down unable to move in the same orientation as the “bones” from my 1971 dream. Also, my oldest daughter’s birthday falls on this dream’s date, so I consider it to have at least two “markers”.

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